Worst blackjack player EVER

Discussion in 'General' started by paddywhack, Dec 1, 2011.

  1. paddywhack

    paddywhack Well-Known Member

    Ok, maybe this is a little too fresh to get into too many details. But suffice it to say that this guy would beat anyone, hands down, for the title.

    I've seen bad, and even terrible. This guy was insane.

    I'll give it a little time and then enlighten you with more details.

    Think about bad.......and then think some more.......
  2. stopgambling

    stopgambling Well-Known Member

    he stayed on 2 aces???!!!!
  3. ringlejames

    ringlejames Banned

    Yes, I have done that.

    Stood on hard 8 stood on hard 5.

    Split 2's in a high negative count of +19.

    Played for days on 45 chips.

    Doubled for less everytime and still made a profit.

    Could it be me???
  4. 21gunsalute

    21gunsalute Well-Known Member

    Somebody sounds confused. :confused:
  5. 21forme

    21forme Well-Known Member

    I think ringle is an alt for the genius.
  6. paddywhack

    paddywhack Well-Known Member

    That's only soft 12, gotta think harder than that one.
  7. BrianCP

    BrianCP Well-Known Member

    Tried to split a blackjack. Now that doesn't make any sense!
  8. Sucker

    Sucker Well-Known Member

    They wouldn't LET him split his blackjack, of course. So he surrendered.:)
  9. ringlejames

    ringlejames Banned

    I forgot to say they were doritos. I played on 45 doritos for days.
  10. ringlejames

    ringlejames Banned

    Did he surrender anytime he saw a dealer 4, 5 or 6. :eek:

    How many chips does blackjack play. 1 1/2 doritos.
  11. ringlejames

    ringlejames Banned

    Was he a counter? And where was this at.
  12. jaygruden

    jaygruden Well-Known Member

    I've seen a player stand on "6" before.:eek: It can't get much worse than that.
  13. stopgambling

    stopgambling Well-Known Member

    doubling ace/6 vs ace ,because if dealer gets blk jack ,he only loses original bet?!
  14. paddywhack

    paddywhack Well-Known Member

    Oh yes it does. He stood on any number of non-stiff hands.

    No he didn't surrender a blackjack, not sure that would be allowed anyway since they'd just give you even money.

    Not a counter. Not even sure he had a brain.

    Wasn't a surrender call either. I've seen tons of idiots surrender all sorts of hands, including non-stiff ones.

    I'll give you one more hint - it wasn't splitting tens vs a face either.
  15. 21forme

    21forme Well-Known Member

    Ringle, please learn how to consolidate your posts.
  16. stopgambling

    stopgambling Well-Known Member

    hitting 17 vs 8 or 9???
  17. BrianCP

    BrianCP Well-Known Member

    Double down on 20 against a 6?
  18. paddywhack

    paddywhack Well-Known Member

    He hit 17 vs a bust card. Still not it.

    Actually, he rarely doubled anything. Didn't double soft 20.
  19. NAP

    NAP Well-Known Member

    Just curious, was this table hand-shuffle or ASM?
  20. tezzadiver

    tezzadiver Well-Known Member

    :grin:Hit hard 20?

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