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The BlackjackInfo Knowledge Base is a huge archive of blackjack discussions from our message forums. Although new posts are no longer accepted, this resource contains over 200,000 posts of gambling questions and conversations.

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Blackjack Forums

Blackjack – General General blackjack discussions.
Blackjack – Card Counting Card counting strategies for blackjack.
Blackjack – Advanced Strategies Advanced techniques: Shuffle Tracking, Ace Location, etc.
Blackjack – Voodoo Strategies Betting strategies other than card counting.
Blackjack – Variations Variations of blackjack. Side bets, Blackjack Switch, etc.
Blackjack – Theory and Math Mathematics and theory of blackjack and other casino games.
Blackjack – Online Casinos Playing blackjack at online casinos.
Blackjack – Stories Stories and anecdotes about blackjack.
Blackjack – CC Archives Archives of the message boards.

Geographic Areas

Las Vegas Casinos in Las Vegas, NV.
Nevada – Outside Vegas Casinos in Nevada, outside Las Vegas.
Eastern US Casinos in the Eastern US.
Southern US Casinos in the Southern US.
Midwest US Casinos in the Midwest US.
Western US Casinos in the Western US, except Nevada.
Canada Casinos in Canada.
Australia Casinos in Australia.
Europe Casinos in Europe, including the UK.
Asia, Africa & Far East Casinos in Asia, Africa, and the Far East.
Caribbean & Latin America Casinos in the Caribbean or Latin America


Other Games Casino games other than blackjack.
Gambling Law Legal issues that impact players.
Blackjack in the Media Movies and television shows that feature blackjack.
News News of interest to the blackjack community.
Site Announcements Site announcements when the forums were open.

The BlackjackInfo Knowledge Base contains over 200,000 messages posted by the BlackjackInfo community.

Posting and replies to the knowledge base are no longer available, but comments and replies are welcomed on the blog.