• Hey guys, if you haven’t yet read the post from Ken, he has decided to end this fantastic site. First and foremost, I’d like to thank him for this invaluable resource. I know us Australians weren’t…
  • AussiePlayer Dec 4, 2011 (0 replies)
    Crown Casino again
  • Koz1984 Nov 28, 2011 (4 replies)
    Staff shortages at Crown I wasn’t really focussing on the main part of this story, rather the part about staffing at Crown. …
  • Koz1984 Oct 31, 2011 (2 replies)
    2011 Melbourne Cup
    The race that stops a nation will be happening tomorrow. What’s your red hot tip?
  • Koz1984 Oct 27, 2011 (2 replies)
    Packer crying poor over proposed reforms
    Story here… It seems like his ridiculous carny games, and pokies, are…
  • Koz1984 Oct 26, 2011 (16 replies)
    As you may know, I frequent this website regularly and have a keen interest in advantage BJ in Australia, particular Crown Casino. I have amassed a small team of like minded card counting APs, yet,…
  • Koz1984 Oct 25, 2011 (3 replies)
    Testing the memories
    Does anybody know the rules that were in place for BJ at Crown Casino when it FIRST opened in 1994? It would be good to gauge an understanding of how far it has deteriorated since then. Less decks,…
  • Koz1984 Sep 30, 2011 (1 reply)
    Go Cats!
    To anyone following tomorrow’s AFL Grand Final, I just wanted to say that I hope Geelong SMASH Collingwood. Geelong Premiers 2011!
  • blacklotus Sep 27, 2011 (7 replies)
    BJ and other Games in Crown Late Sept 2011
    BLACKJACK Minimum $10 – $15 BJ Rules: CSM with approx 1Deck seen before recycling. H17, 6Deck DAS, NS Double9,10,11 only, SPL3, nRSA, OBO+1. Insurance 2:1, Blackjack 6:5, Perfect Pairs 6,12,25. …
  • georgeluc Sep 10, 2011 (15 replies)
    best casino rules with shoe in australia
    Was wondering which casino in Australia would currently have the best rules for BJ with a shoe.
  • Koz1984 Sep 7, 2011 (10 replies)
    Crown’s downhill slide
    As stated to me recently by AussiePlayer, a dealer at Crown Casino announced that the Monte Carlo room would move towards Crown BJ and remove Premier BJ. After visiting tonight I can confirm this to…
  • georgeluc Sep 3, 2011 (2 replies)
    Best time to back count at crown?
    I was wondering what days and time are the best to back count at premium BJ at crown?
  • georgeluc Aug 11, 2011 (5 replies)
    need info on crown — koz can you help
    Yeah I’m just starting to get into bj and i was wondering what is the best area to play in at crown? I think it’s the Monte Carlo room, but i may be wrong. Does that room have the best odds for a…
  • AussiePlayer Jul 24, 2011 (5 replies)
    Crown surveillance video
    Two off duty police officers allegedly assaulted and arrested by Crown security. Whilst I don’t believe they were APs, the video is a good look through the surveillance cameras (this footage is…
  • AussiePlayer Jul 16, 2011 (2 replies)
    This site seems to be set up entirely to feed people into a system sellers website. It does give the rules for each Australian casino, however they are nearly all wrong and there is no mention of…
  • Caesar Jul 12, 2011 (0 replies)
    Robin Hood plays charity trump card
    The American blackjack player known as Robin Hood is coming to Australia. See article for the story:Robin Hood plays charity trump card
  • Hi, Thanks very much in advance, I know I’m knew here – this is a terrific resource! I’ve been a lurker for some time, and thought it was high time to make an account I was wondering if anyone…
  • AussiePlayer Jul 7, 2011 (1 reply)
    Crown Casino
    A 40 year old man on life support after an altercation with Crown Security. …
  • AussiePlayer Jul 4, 2011 (8 replies)
    Electronic BJ in Adelaide
    Was at Skycity Adelaide the other night, they now have an electronic blackjack setup similar to the electronic roulette that’s been appearing. It’s completely computerised, not like the big…
  • Koz1984 Jul 4, 2011 (16 replies)
    Crown Casino Update
    As of July 1, 2011 (The new financial year), Crown Casino has decided to implement CSMs across ALL its main gaming floor BJ games. Yes, that means the previous $25, $30, $50 and $100 shoe games are…

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