• flyingwind Nov 28, 2011 (3 replies)
    ~C T R in CA?
    Is there an equivalent to “CTR” or “SAR” in Canada?
  • Menessis Sep 9, 2011 (4 replies)
    Niagra Falls
    Which Casino should I go to in Niagra Falls. Is it true that one has the CSM ? Thanks Menessis
  • just wanted to let anyone here who is playing in edmonton… be careful. i had the shoe cut in 1/2 at a $5 table in edmonton, and have been told from others that it’s becoming more common. …
  • i forgot your name… anyways, feel free to send me a PM. we talked for a bit, and i’m that guy from up north. also, be carful playing at that casino we were playing at… i’ll tell you more…
  • blackriver Aug 16, 2011 (1 reply)
    Info sharing in the east
    Theres one casino im status to get flyered at,id b sick if pay at another casino got me backed off there. Anyone have any experience with canadian casinos sharing info
  • Coyote Aug 3, 2011 (11 replies)
    Caesars Windsor Update
    I would like to share a few observations and experiences from Caesars Windsor. The 8 deck game is atrocious! H17, RSA, DOA, NS, $15 minimum. You better have a monster bankroll and a lot of…
  • I normally play in Edmonton, and never had any problems. i’ve been counting cards for a few years on and off… I recently started playing blackjack at a small casino in Norther Alberta (this…
  • Truedough Jun 27, 2011 (4 replies)
    Could be a SCAM – Casino du Lac Leamy
    Dear All, BEWARE Mr. Dai a Chinese fellow now barred by North America casinos to enter and play. He is a wizord of BlackJack was saying that now the Casinos wanted to stop people like him is…
  • MetaEdge Jun 16, 2011 (18 replies)
    Nooksack River Casino
    Nooksack River Casino in Abbotsford BC. I read that they offer double deck games on there website. Can anyone confirm this, or is it 6:5 blackjack? Do they deal double deck from a CSM? Would…
  • Tree Apr 22, 2011 (18 replies)
    Boomtown Casino Fort McMurray, Alberta
    They have 5-100, 10-200, and 25-500 tables, all with the following rules: 4D H17 DAS DOA They allow double/insure for less and early surrender. Penetration is about 75%, dealer does not take a…
  • Thread title says it all. I am moving to Windsor (about 2km/1mi up the rd from the casino) and I plan to start playing as early as July. My only concern is that I come from Ottawa, playing at Lac…
  • Dyepaintball12 Apr 14, 2011 (0 replies)
    If you’re getting Casino Windsor Offers…
    That you redeem at the new “Touch” Kiosks, you’re going to want to send me a PM.
  • Jeff25 Mar 22, 2011 (0 replies)
    Alberta Casinos
    Could someone please PM me some up-to-date info on the blackjack conditions (decks/rules/pen/heat/limits) for any of the Alberta casinos. Thank you.
  • Dyepaintball12 Mar 21, 2011 (1 reply)
    Casino Windsor "NCL" Party
    If anyone on the boards here plays at Casino Windsor make sure to check your on-line offers for April for an offer called “NCL Party” If you have the offer you just call and RSVP for the day and…
  • gronbog Jan 13, 2011 (2 replies)
    Facial Recognition Coming to Ontario Casinos
    Read more here
  • Does anybody know where to get Casino Rama and Great Blue Heron’s playing cards? I tried to seek on ebay but they are finished by now. Or at least suggest another casino quality cards which are not…
  • JohnnyRodge18 Nov 11, 2010 (3 replies)
    Any 6D S17 games in Quebec?
    I know that Lac Leamy has one table that is $50 min 6D S17, anyone know the avg pen for this game? Also I’ve only heard about 8D H17 in Montreal and Mont Tremblant… anyone know of a 6D S17 game in…
  • Dyepaintball12 Nov 1, 2010 (8 replies)
    Casino Windsor 7x points in Nov
    Casino Windsor is having a promo where every Thursday in November you get 7x points for your Table Games play. I don’t think it applies to Tier Points but this could be a huge +EV move if the…
  • timmay Jul 24, 2010 (3 replies)
    Century Casino
    I am trying to contact someone who used to play at Century Casino. If you read this please send me a PM. KEYWORD – AGORACOM
  • BJ Warrior Jul 14, 2010 (11 replies)
    Current rules and conditions in Edmonton
    I’ve heard that, although rules are basically unchanged, pen has deteriorated in the last couple of years. Would appreciate an update. BTW, I realize that pen varies among stores – a rough idea of…

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