Las Vegas

  • Rookie Dec 8, 2011 (4 replies)
    Posting of Rules
    During a recent trip a dealer allowed me to split 8’s 4 times, then a few hours later at the same place the dealer would not allow me to split more than 3 times. Since this isnt a rule that generally…
  • Daggers Dec 7, 2011 (0 replies)
    def con
    during def con, does anyone here go and count? cuz there would be an endless possibility of covers that would work in that situation.
  • White Guy Dec 5, 2011 (18 replies)
    The "$20 trick"
    Who has done this? I usually am alone and never in the room other than sleep, plus stay in nicer hotels so never tried-BUT-going for 2weeks mid Jan and have a few visitors stopping by so a bigger…
  • tezzadiver Nov 24, 2011 (29 replies)
    Question on comps
    A few weeks to go …… General question on comps. How long does (on average) a PB watch your play when sitting down and starting to play? Is it worthwhile to bet higher for the first few rounds…
  • ningtong88 Nov 21, 2011 (24 replies)
    Vegas condition needed
    I am going to Vegas the week before Christmas. I do have the monthly CBJN, but I find them to be somewhat misleading from time to time. Example, last time I was at Wynn, I didn’t find any S17 table…
  • Solo player Nov 17, 2011 (6 replies)
    Anyone care to guess how they stay open? The place is a dead zone.
  • WWJD Nov 16, 2011 (14 replies)
    Best Vegas Casino for first trip?
    Going on my first ever trip to Vegas, and plan on really testing my counting endurance. And would really like to bank some $$. What is the best places to hit up?
  • The Flamingo? Heat, etc? TIA.
  • jingber05 Nov 5, 2011 (14 replies)
    DD conditions at planet hollywood?
    can anyone post the current DD conditions here?
  • jingber05 Nov 1, 2011 (11 replies)
    why does the mirage use
    a automatic peeking device and most of the other LV casinos do not?
  • FLASH1296 Oct 31, 2011 (12 replies)
    Selective casino conditions update needed
    Casino conditions needed: If you have any “sensitive” info P.M. me. Otherwise feel free to post your reply here. I need intel’ on: Stratosphere “M” Aliante Station Encore T.I.A.
  • FLASH1296 Oct 30, 2011 (3 replies)
    11/16 – 11/23
    I will be in Las Vegas in mid November – along with a few of my crew. IF I know you, and you will be in Sin City, you can let me know via P.M.
  • Dyepaintball12 Oct 29, 2011 (10 replies)
    The Western
    Has anyone played here? I went in there on my last trip and was just so amused that a place like that exists. We thought about betting $2, $2, $2, $200 just to see what would happen.
  • FrankieT Oct 26, 2011 (28 replies)
    What are some of the best players clubs in Vegas?
    What are some of the best players clubs in Vegas – ones that send you freebies just for signing up and ones that gives you freebies on a regular basis? What are some of the worst players clubs?
  • Finrod Oct 17, 2011 (2 replies)
    Conditions at XXHaciendaXX
    I plan to be at XXHaciendaXX in Boulder City in November. CBJN reports $3 mins, pretty decent rules and reasonable pen. If anyone has any inside scoop worth sharing, I would appreciate a PM. I am…
  • Roswell Crash Survivor Oct 14, 2011 (13 replies)
    "Don’t Stay Where You Count"??
    I’ve read that visitors planning to visit Vegas should avoid staying at any hotel/resort where they plan to be counting, to avoid potentially being 86ed out suite in the early hours of the morning. …
  • I just finished up my last trip west for the year and have two coupon books I’m hoping to sell. One is the Las Vegas Advisor Pocket Book of Values and the other is the American Casino Guide. Both…
  • JulieCA Oct 12, 2011 (9 replies)
    Las Vegas trip report
    I admit I’m a lousy reporter because I’m a recreational/casual player so the report is a FWIW one. I never play more than one hand because I can barely manage that, so I have no idea what kind of…
  • dcjoey Oct 9, 2011 (31 replies)
    Software used to track play
    Does anyone know what it is? Mostly curious as I was in Vegas this past week and had a great shoe, when I went to cash out the cashier said “Whoa, nice shoe!” and I asked him how he knew that. He…
  • standard toaster Oct 5, 2011 (12 replies)
    Discount limos for everyone here
    Hey guys I am not sure how many of you remember me or if the old crew is still around but I just wanted to let you know I have been missing (right after the start of that old chat room I started) due…

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