Questions on Detroit Blackjack Team Web Site

  • Midwest Player

    Questions on Detroit Blackjack Team Web Site

    I took a quick look at your web site. I was impressed by the nice layout.

    However, I don’t play the Detroit casinos. My Midwest play pretty much covers the casinos in MI, WI, and MN that are located above the 44th parallel. Would your web site be of any value to me?

    Also are members of the “Detroit Faction” included in your membership.

  • creeping panther


    As you probably gathered the “Detroit Faction” and the “Hoosier Hit Men” no longer exist, wish they did though.


  • DBJT


    Hi MP:

    If you don’t actually PLAY in the Detroit area stores (MGM, MC, GT) plus fairly nearby Native American joints (FK, 4W, probably the Toledo place opening soon) then our site may not be as useful to you as that’s where we are planning to focus.

    It’s a web based community site but still more “real world” interest than strictly-computer like this site or bj21 etc. I actually don’t want the membership to get too BIG just so it won’t become such a difficult job to manage, as what’s happened here with KEN throwing in the towel. People don’t realize how much hassle keeping a good board going really IS when it gets fairly large.

    That said, however… you might be interested in an “Associate” team membership (vs. CORE player) for a different reason.

    That “reason” and the mechanics of the Associate idea is something I will be discussing with other AP’s from here at the EVENT coming soon.

    Unfortunately this board will be shut down MONDAY which will prevent me from putting that info on here (will be too late) SO if you’re interested in learning more about *that* please just add your email address to our mailing list by clicking the Mailing List Manager icon on the main page at

    That news will be coming pretty soon… as soon as I have time to get a few more things done on the site, as well as AFTER we talk about it among the CORE team members.


    P.S. By the way, my intention for this site is for it to have NO ADS, EVER!!

    That one curling-corner “ad” on the index page at the moment is actually just a ‘placeholder’ which I intend to eventually use for internal site-news purposes — The script code I cribbed for it just had the e-cig graphic in it and I have not edited it yet.

    No offense meant to other web forum admins, but it really bugs me that all the other sites in this space STILL have frikkin’ ADS all over ’em. I know ya gotta try to get revenue wherever possible, but I just think it cheapens the site too much. ESPECIALLY the CASINO ads… WTF, right?

  • Midwest Player

    Hi DBJT. Yeah, Associate Member Sounds Good to Me

    I don’t really want to be on a team. Just looking for information on northern Midwest casinos.

  • BrianCP


    Quote: Midwest Player said:
    I don’t really want to be on a team. Just looking for information on northern Midwest casinos.

    Same here, if the associate thing goes through, that could focus more on the midwest proper while the core section stayed focused on Detroit and surrounding areas.

  • DBJT

    Final Post Here

    Hey all:

    Just as a final post here on Ken’s board (and for the archives) I’ll note that I’ll be getting back to everyone who either added their email address to our mailing list OR actually registered on the forum in the next day or so… gettin’ that set up and running ASAP.

    Thanks again to KEN for all he’s done — I actually only have twenty posts on this board (hey, this will be 21! Does that mean I WIN?) but I lurked here forever before my first post, and I will certainly miss it even on that level alone.

    Hopefully our Detroit Blackjack Team site can help take up some of the slack for Midwest AP’s… I’ll do my best and hope to measure up to Ken’s great example as Admin here.

    Here’s to PAINT on all your ACES, guys… now and in the future. Keep up the good fight… & see ya’ll soon

    -DBJT / JC


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