IslE casino Biloxi ? How are rules? Do they stand on soft 17?

  • Lawyer76

    IslE casino Biloxi ? How are rules? Do they stand on soft 17?

    Is the isle casino in Biloxi offering low stakes dd games that the dealer stands on soft 17? What casinos in Biloxi offer the best low stakes double deck games that still stand on soft 17? Thanks for input.

  • SWFL Blackjack


    If I’m not mistaken, I think Treasure Bay has a S17 DD game. Not 100%, but I would look into it.

  • Vytas

    Biloxi DD, S17

    Isle of Capri: DD- S17, DOA, DAS, RSA 3X, Notch cut @ 55%, ASM, $15 min.
    4D- S17, DOA, DAS, RSA 3X, Dealer dependent cut, hand shuffle
    & ASM, $5 & $10 mins.

    Treasure Bay: DD- Same as above but hand shuffle, and cut is dealer
    dependent about 55% to 65%, $10 and $25 min.
    6D- Same as DD, cut is dealer dependent, 75% to 85%. $5 min

  • Lawyer76

    Any surrender or variation on cut or pen for dd?

    Thanks vytas, sounds like good games at isle. Can they sometimes go beyond 55 percent penetration on dd or offer surrender? Jeff

  • fwb


    Is surrender available anywhere there anymore? Are Isle and Treasure the only places with S17 now?

  • Midnght Cow


    Beau has surrender.

    I believe Boomtown has S17, but you can’t resplit Aces.

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