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  • zengrifter


    Quote: b jay cobbson said:
    Excellent posting Tarzan. On Wong’s site it would surely in “Post of the Month” and win the $100 bounty. Congratulations!!

    Has’nt Ken instituted the $100 POM yet?
    Someone make a poll and see if the membership wants it. zg

  • matt21


    I have some comments for the OP – maybe they will help.

    I have not played on a pure-counting team myself, but let me share how one associate of mine did it. She got interested in card counting, so practised, learned and studied it a lot. Then she found an online advert from a BJ counting team looking for new players – because she had worked hard, she passed the checkouts first time round and was then able to play without investing any of her own funds. I think responding to an actual advertisement like that, is much more likely to result in getting into teamplay, then asking for investors or team-manners on a forum such as this one. As to my friend, after a while she saved up enough money from her share of the winnings to start her own BR. She was of course lucky in that the team was based in the city she lived, and she got pretty good positive variance right from the word ‘go’.

    There is no substitute for hard work and fierce determination

    Good luck,

  • Percy


    For the OP.

    I really believe that if you want it enough, it will happen for you.

    I’m sure you will have to give up a lot, and I doubt the money will be as good as you think.

    But if you are as keen as your posts suggest, your brain will figure out a way to make it work.

    If the appeal of the game is predominately to do with getting rich, it won’t be long before your enthusiasm wanes.

    Definitely do not rely on blackjack as your source of income.

    Best of luck.

  • RocDav

    Thank you

    Thank you for all the criticism and all the advice given. I will truly take it to heart and consider everything that has been said. I have heard talk of a BJ team starting up previously at USA, but the word of mouth has not yet reached my ears. I figured someone on here might know the right direction to point.

    I have no “**** stories” to supplement my posts with at the moment so I’ll leave it at that. 🙂 I did find that post very amusing. Maybe I’ll be back on the forums with some theory advancements and new ways to play in a year or two. Back to reading. 🙂

  • Midnght Cow


    If your idea for a BJ is centered on the BP concept, the coast casinos near you have pretty much shut that down. Most DD tables have no mid-deck entry, and most 6D tables have signs for “mid-deck entry $100 maximum bet” on the tables, even if the normal table max is $2500 or so.

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