Card Counting Team wanted

  • Abalam619

    Card Counting Team wanted

    Hey guys! New to the forum. I’m from the San Diego area and looking to put together a team. Anyone who is interested please pm me. I’ve been counting for almost 2 years now. But because of school, I haven’t really been able to go at it as much as I wanted. Also, it’d be nice to hear some stories from fellow card counters about their experiences at the casino! Thanks!

  • AnonymousCC


    I’m interested. Just moved here from Europe. How often do you hit the casinos?

  • Abalam619


    Hey AnnonymousCC! I usually go on the weekends when there’s a lot of action going on. I have school during the week, and plus going when there’s a crowd keeps the heat away since they’re more worried about the black chip players; it makes it easier to wong. PM me if you have any questions. And welcome to the forum!

  • LVBear584


    I’m from the San Diego area and looking to put together a team.

    Why do you want to do this, and what do you have to offer to potential investors?

  • b jay cobbson

    Newbee student want to start CC team…

    …Sounds familiar Bear?


  • WABJ11


    Abalam… we cannot PM you for whatever reason. I’d be interested, as I too have just finished school and have a lot more time on my hands.

    Ever come up to the Seattle area?

  • overtheedge


    If you’re ever up in Seattle I’d be happy to count for the BP. Cardrooms here probably know me well enough to get suspicious if I start playing as BP, but as small I’d fit right in.

  • Abalam619


    I’m sorry about that guys. I meant to say that it would be nice to meet up with Card Counters around the area and attack the tables together and also learn from fellow card counters as well as their experiences. I can see how saying that I want to put a team together can be misleading as I would need to be able to provide the bankroll for the team. Sorry for that.

  • Traveller

    Newbee student want to start CC team…

    So Abalam what you are saying is…

    You only have two years experience and you can’t put up a bankroll.

    What you actually want is for a player or players with more experience than you, and i’m talking 10+ years here to take you under their wing and bankroll you? Or at the very least mentor you.

    What percentage of your win would you expect to keep for someone to offer you a deal?


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