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    Paradise Island, Bahamas

    s17 I should know this one by now. Does this mean the dealer must hit a soft 17. I usually avoid this game. Are there any strategy variations one should use for it ? I am pretty sure that in Atlantic City the dealer stands on soft 17. By the way revereman was there a casino on the boat that...
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    Take A Cosmic Journey

    ok. next trip. any casinos once we get there ? EV's by multiples of 10 ?? Thanks for the post. I passed the link on to my nephews.
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    Paradise Island, Bahamas

    Does anyone know anything about playing conditions at Atlantis or Crystal Palace or other casinos near Nassau ? I am going there next week on a playing vacation and would appreciate any info. Will post a trip report when I get back.
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    The Dreadful, Dreary, Boring World of Canadian Casinos

    Civil Casinos I am not myself a drinking person and rarely in a casino. I find players that are drunk to be distracting, obnoxious and at times even threatening. The Canadian casinos that I have played in place a high value on decorum. This suites me very nicely as it lets me focus on my game...
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    Speaking of Black Jack

    seriousIy, I only knew... that she was a woman because of the way that ahe was criticising the way that I was dressed and groomed ... oh , and also because she kept trying to get into my bankroll.
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    Speaking of Black Jack

    I can only say for sure... that she was a woman.
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    Speaking of Black Jack

    A dealer .... was hinting to me that she would do something special for something better than a tip at the table. She was flirting quite a bit. Making double entandre comments about stacking the tips "on top" and how she likes it that way. Similarly about "back door" "BJ"s. , etc. She was not...
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    Speaking of Black Jack

    Not exactly I've encountered grifters or just simple chip hustlers. This woman was obviously not a professsional and not doing it for the money. There was something innocent about her. She was looking to win back her blackjack losses and she seemed to enjoy my company as much as i did hers. I...
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    Speaking of Black Jack

    Has anyone ever gotten hustled while they were on a good streak of winning ? I have been approached a number of times and finally got myself taken by a very pretty Asian woman. I'm not sure if she was noticing me while I was playing but I did notice her and offered her a ride over to anther...
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    Only in California... (LINK)

    what's the *PIC * that has everyone so excited ? all i see is a time cover with bush getting on a plane
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    Cash transaction report or DONT PANIC !!!

    I was recently backroomed and barred at am Indian reservation casino. We are working on a legal settlement for the illegal detention. Indiam reservations have their own laws that seem to do a good job of protecting them from claims of damages by limiting them to claims for monetary losses only...
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    Scam System of the Week... *PIC*

    He obviously meant to say "mice" control
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    Double hands

    I made the mistake recently of playing at a table where each player has 2 betting circles and so the option of playing 1 or 2 spots at will ( without having to occcupy another seat and without having to bet double the minimum bet ). Of course ploppies may complain about the in and out effects on...
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    Sure seems slow around here without...

    Better games ? It was the only one that I found listed on a tour map. I later found out there were others but did not have more time to check them out. Next time I will go better prepared . The one I was at was named Grand. I t was in the Hotel Lybid. I did stumble on one other place called the...