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    Double Deck True Count

    Sushiguy, When I play DD, I estimate the remaining decks to the nearest quarter-deck, mainly because I sidecount Aces (I use an Ace-neutral count), and on average each quarter-deck has 1 Ace. If the RC is +3 and 1.25 decks remain, I multiply +3*0.8 = +2.4 and then truncate to +2. Hope this...
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    Double Deck True Count

    Sushiguy, Just to be clear, for HiLo the divisor is ALWAYS the whole decks unseen. When The G Man says "quarter deck", that means you express the undealt decks using quarter-deck accuracy, but you still divide by whole decks: it's just a fraction. For example, if 65 cards (so...
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    This Is Poor Penetration, Right?

    I estimate the dealer cut off precisely 35 cards... Just kidding! I actually counted. The cut card appeared after the 69th card. Dog Hand
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    Abnormally large TC's

    xengrifter, Wouldn't "zapping" make that chip uncashable? The casinos that I have seen using RFID chips at the tables also tend to scan those chips at the cashier. Dog Hand
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    A list of positive EV doubles and splits.

    JohnCrover, Well, go to the following link, select your game, and look at the Double EV column: if the EV is above zero, the Double is +EV: Hope this helps! Dog Hand
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    Basic card counting question.

    Don, A small but significant typo in your answer: you wrote "The hourly standard deviation of a counter's results is anywhere from 15 to 25 times the hourly standard deviation." The end of your sentence should have been "...from 15 to 25 times the hourly expected value." Hope this helps! Dog Hand
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    Using wife as cover/partner

    deepgritz, Your act should also include a "do the opposite of what I'm saying" signal. For example, she gets 10 vs. the dealer's 10, but the count is high enough that doubling is the correct move. You tell her, "Just hit that: don't double" while stepping (gently!) on her foot, thus letting her...
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    bwssr, Welcome to the wonderful (insert sarcasm emoji here) casino practice called "managing to full", in which the pit wants ALL the seats filled at ALL the open tables before opening any more. Dog Hand
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    SP21 rule set

    Hell'nBack, Again, assuming 6D: EV = (18*10 + 54*1 - (287 - 18 - 54))/287 = 19/287 = +0.0662..., or +6.62%. Hope this helps! Dog Hand
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    Lucky Ladies Sidebet

    xengrifter, Did Eliot post the results you quoted earlier? If so, can you provide a link? Thanks! Dog Hand
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    SP21 rule set

    Hell'nBack, Assuming insurance also pays 2:1 for unsuited dealer BJ, the player has a huge edge on the insurance wager. If the game uses 6 Spanish decks, the dealer's Ace has 18 suited faces plus 54 unsuited faces, so the EV is EV = (18*10 + 54*2 - (287 - 18 - 54))/287 = 73/287 = +0.2544...
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    Lucky Ladies Sidebet

    I also calculated the average number of units won whenever the sidebet won. If at a given TC we let "b" be the number of bets, "w" be the number of wins, and "EV" be the EV (these three are shown in the table), and we define "ul" as the units lost and "uw" as the units won at that TC, then we...
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    Lucky Ladies Sidebet

    xengrifter, I figured out the anomaly: it arises due to the "resolution" of the remaining decks used to convert the RC to the TC. For example, if the RC is +7 and exactly 80 cards remain undealt, what is the TC? If a counter resolves to the "exact card", then he says "There are 80/52 =...
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    Lucky Ladies Sidebet

    xengrifter, Why is the frequency of a TC of +8 40% more likely than a TC of +7? Dog Hand
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    Counter BS - Forget the I-18?

    Where is page 36? Dog Hand