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    live dealer game with good penetration

    I would be interested if you would be willing to share the information. Thank you
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    Blackjack Verite Game

    I have been in this forum long enough I can tell you right now Don won't change his tune. He pretty much wrote the book on this game.
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    Should Pre-Hiatus Threads Be Locked?

    I would like all old post that put me in an embarrassing situation to be deleted.
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    Player’s Card

    Two points here: Would it really matter that much which system you use to get an good idea of the outcome in CVCX? I dunno, but I would think the results would be fairly close IMHO. As far as the ratholing goes, what if your girlfriend were to come by the table and you gave her a stack of...
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    Join the downers club

    Good points Kewl thanks. I won't be posting too much for a while as I won't be playing too often. For me it is just kind of a long term math hobby type of thing.
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    Join the downers club

    What do you think there comfort level would be at that fine establishment Kewl? If I was up just a couple hundred I would think you could feel the room start to heat up. I would not try to push it to 500 at that shop unless it happened real quick and you ran for the door.
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    Join the downers club

    I don't care what they say about you Kewl, you are cool. At EC they have a slot in the discard box so the cut is set the same all the time. I budget myself just $500 per year for cards but as long as I am ahead I will keep playing, I will have to trim down the bets a bit or Wong more. I am...
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    Join the downers club

    Actually Larry 2-3 hrs at the Sweaty Spaniard opening w/ 10 the 5-50 to drop 800 in 2.5 hr come out to over 2'SD if I was correct so I wanted to cry foul but CVCX says that the chance of that is actually pretty high so I don't know. Kewl and Count just simply the history is meaningless but one...
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    Join the downers club

    80% of winnings reaching a high of 540 units above initial 100 unit startup capital. Worst previous down draws were @ approx 40%.
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    Join the downers club

    I wonder if anyone would be willing to give me some feed if they have had an 80 percent loss of BR after 100 hrs of play within a 10 hr period must be fairly normal, I hope. The only tangible substantiation of my play is the more hours I put into the game the more authentic my EV becomes I...
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    NY NY 8D Pen

    What do they do kick you in the groin?
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    Could this be the start of an industry wide trend? Thanks for the good news.!
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    CKO/TKO - Looking for Opinions/Ideas

    I must say I admire your organization.
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    NY NY 8D Pen

    Thanks Bear
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    Do the same "composition-dependent strategy" rules apply no matter S17 or H17?

    I think they are different based of S or H. I was just looking at that today in BJA3 about the middle of the book.