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    Just lost a massive 100 units

    Don did write in the book about not raising bet after a loss but in a different context. He was giving some advice about cover to his team members. But that was a time where games were much better than now and they were playing high stakes. So, most players do not follow that suggestion at the...
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    Best AP play

    I wish one day someone could explain what it means when they say "testing support level"
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    Post your California blackjack results

    Wow, lots of back offs for one visit. Was that rated?
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    Want to take $70,000 to BJ table

    Without passing judgements, from math point of view, if you are going to gamble (without a player's edge) to get the 30K, your best bet is to make one bet. So, you go to HL and ask to make a bet for 30K. Let us say on banker bet on baccarat. You have 45% chance of getting that 30K...
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    In addition to above, if you are counting cards, at +1 you should actually surrender rather than splitting. Some of the benefit of splitting also comes from the potential for doubling if you get 3 on one of the 8s.
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    Can my chips get confiscated if I'm playing under age?

    Yes, your chips can be confiscated if you are underage.
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    Question about edge and CC'ing

    The answer is easy. Tell you imaginary friend to buy software casino verite. Then he can get the answers himself and does not worry about being shy. Computers do not mind shy people.
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    My system

    Do not feed the trolls
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    Risk of returning to a casino you have been bared from

    Option 4, have a friend cash you chips or sell the chips to a friend. I think casino can and do confiscate chips all the time. If the casino discovered, you were trespassed, it is very likely they will not cash the chips and it will require talking to the casino manager, gaming or getting a...
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    Risk of returning to a casino you have been bared from

    Option 1 Stop hijacking threads to project your own questions. The world does not revolve around you. You have a question, start a new thread. Do not reply by saying that I am not the moderator.
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    KJ What crisis? the guy is 68 year old who has a young kid and is going to casinos several days a week, according to him. I think quitting this blackjack addiction is the best thing he could do. He has few good years left before he becomes demented (more than now) and his son goes to college...
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    Discussing your OSN debut with the host is not a good idea. The host has little power to help you. You need to discuss this issue directly with the shift manager or even better director of surveillance.
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    Longest streak, afraid it will end...

    I think KJ does not like people speculate about his first name.
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    End of the year thoughts

    It is wise to take disability insurance and it is generally inexpensive particularly if you get it through group insurance (ie., at work). I read that one out of 3 couples, one of them get temporarily disabled, which is about 1/6 incidence.
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    Longest streak, afraid it will end...

    Ok, I will share the answer with you my dear troll. It is on page 43 in Professional Blackjack book (which you said you have it), table 8, line 9 from the bottom of the page.