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    Boards closing, discussion

    First time I've logged in here in a week or two, and I'm hit with this unpleasant surprise. Sorry to see this board is closing. Loved all the great info and stories here. Goodbye, BJinfo. :cry: :cow:
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    Why does this seem to happen so often??

    I do the exact same thing....shake my head at 20's and BJs in neg counts with min bets out. Wish I didn't, but no one has called me on it, although maybe some smart pit caught it. Would likely be ready to respond with a reply similar to yours. It's really the flipside of catching a few 20's...
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    Counting and Flat Betting

    Seems the OP's idea is more of a depth-charging/wonging hybrid. Flat bet (or use a small spread), hope for a good shoe, but if the count goes neg, drop the bet to minimum or wong out. Look for the next table, wong in or start with a fresh shuffle, flat bet, hope for a good shoe, and on and...
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    How often do you benefit from dealer errors?

    This one is mentioned in Blackjack for Blood. And it is a good one. As soon as you take that 5th, 6th, or 7th little card, knowing it just gave you exactly 22, let out a little "yessss" and tuck your cards with confidence. As you said, break-in dealers likely to pay it. I've seen...
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    You're "I want to strangle this ploppie" story

    +1 :grin: :cow:
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    Wong out?

    The $40/hr average would include that $200-hour. If your career lasted 1-million hours (with play, bet sizes, table conditions being exactly as you simulated) and averaged $40/hr at the end, you would have experienced $200 hours, $1000 hours, -$1100 hours, $3 hours, -$20 hours and everything...
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    Dumbest crew ever

    Nice, moo! I would have concluded the same. Better than those joints that are so overprotective that they don't even allow their crews to exercise common sense. I was just playing at a decent place on a slow night. 6 deck shoe. Manual shuffle, takes a few minutes. Leaning back in my...
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    Most bizarre play I've seen

    One time I saw a guy whose strategy was to not look at his cards at all and just tuck them, unseen. Basically just playing for the dealer to bust. He actually was making money for a short while. Moreover, it seemed like he was enjoying the attention that his odd approach was bringing. Don't...
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    Ploppy would do whatever I want him to do

    Agree with the above.....#1 with the added "I dunno" glance to the dealer. Mostly because I want that card for myself in that count, even though it almost doesn't make a difference in what card I get and what card the dealer gets. A small part of me says I want to see one more card...
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    New Orleans Harrahs

    Agree with most here. Fun place to sightsee, but some of the worst BJ I've seen.
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    "The Color of Blackjack" improvements to KO

    ^^^^this :cow: I generally play single deck and some double. But I bought and studied "Color of BJ" a while back for when I hit the 6-deckers. Used it for a few days a place with mostly 6-deck shoes a few weeks ago. Was great. Got lucky to sit on two great tables. First shoe I saw...
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    An interesting footnote …

    :grin: :cow:
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    Ultimate Wendover trip report?

    Re: the article The particular casino where he received the tap has really been eyeing counters much more lately, almost like cops trying to meet a ticket quota at the end of the month. There are open conversations among the PCs, and it's almost getting competitive between them, especially...
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    An interesting footnote …

    Some people call this parallel thinking. The term often is used by writers, especially in comedy, to deflect accusations that they stole an idea or a joke from another writer.