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  • Yes I can see it. My favorite is ladylucks. You should add more of a assorted variety. Chess pieces, Icons, Monuments, landmarks, mytholology, fact, fiction, animated...etc. Mine was anything and everything I could think off. I thought about all BJ related, but fell against it. I anticipated it looking at it tho. Kooool!!!!
    Better yet, Lets hit the single table first.

    Free games>Sit-n-go-tournaments>Single-table>Join-waitlist>then just wait.
    Let me know when your ready or set a time. Then well get aslan goin.

    Whats your user name? Im John,
    Okay, on the main menu,(top of page) make sure free games is highlighted in "yellow".
    (Note: real money will ALWAYS, be selected by default)

    Next: Click on Cashier>on bottom right hand page place your mouse icon over "Play chip Account"/status (this is where you get your play chips)1K at a time.

    Once back on the MainBoard click on "Sit and go Tournaments"(make sure free games is still selected)

    You should 14 and 21 seat tourney available

    Now click join waitlist. Then click join waitlist Again and just
    AH thanks! I have a slideshow of over 300 pix. I put it together throuhg my own playbook. My GF just yawned when I showed it to her, but i love it. Im kinda worried about broadband theft
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