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    Leelanau Sands Casino Conditions?

    No longer has DD or blackjack switch. They had one of the worst DD games anywhere. You will stick out like a sore thumb as Paddywack says. Depending on when you are there you might be the only one at the tables. Once the summer ends they reduce the table hours even more.
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    Small Update

    Good to see things are going well for you Sleight. Ah climbing at Red Rock that is the life! That will definitely get you back in shape. I'm hoping to make it out in the fall. ST
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    This is an outrage and a total violation of your rights. You refuse a search but they bring the dogs out anyway? How are using the dogs not a search? Its a total fishing expedition. I'm more than willing to bet that dog sniffing is another form of junk science anyway. Machinist I think you...
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    Burn 20 Blackjack

    Sorry to change the subject. Geoff Hall are you still involved with blackjack Switch or does Shuffle Master now own that game?
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    Blackjack:Play Like the Pros by John Bukofsky

    Here's a review from a few years ago.
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    anyone being barred during the game ??

    Many casinos will bar you during the game, even in front of other customers especially in Vegas. I suppose there are some casinos which will do it discretely and wait for you to leave the table but if you are going to put in a marathon session I'm sure they will change their minds.
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    Was "21" sponsored by Casinos?

    Probably. Planet Hollywood had ads for the movie on their felts before the movie was even out.
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    St. Croix, Danbury - Job opportunity.

    This thread should be jack booted!
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    Sahara is closing for good

    Anyone know what's going to happen to the monorail stop at the Sahara? Will it still be open?
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    Heat in Vegas

    I can confirm this story.
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    fallout from a big win

    Kewl how close was the bar to the scene of the crime?
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    What casino is next to close?

    I've also heard that Hooter's is on life support.
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    first trip to AC need advice

    "Scalp the Indians" I think your handle is a little offensive.
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    Stay and play at the El Cortez for free*

    The simple solution is to never play where you stay. Just like in your Harrahs example.