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    Tunica and Shreveport

    What's with the "overzealous security and city police?"
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    Drift on Inn

    Apparently Drift On Inn was closed down. There were some internal problems with accounting and, apparently, they weren't doing well financially. You can read more details about the investigation on the Washington State Gambling Commissions website.
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    Vancouver Blackjack

    Is all Blackjack in BC CSM? Are there any good blackjack games there at all? The only non-CSM game I could find was Double Deck in the high limit room of some Great Canadian Properties, but at $50-500 that isn't very enticing.
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    Dear Atlantic City,

    Getting back on topic: You can thank Ken Uston for the crappy AC Blackjack.
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    what are the good casino in Washington?

    Yes all tables in WA are H17. I've never seen a S17 table.
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    Checks Play

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    Red Seven Indices

    :confused: But I do like the Ron Paul banner!
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    GN isn't too bad. There going through some renovation but the place should look great by this fall. The only addition I noted was the low minimum 6 deck H17 hand shuffle out in the "party pit" if you don't mind the outrageous amount of noise.
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    what are the good casino in Washington?

    Turns out Crazy Moose has gone to 8 decks. :(
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    Red Seven Indices

    Are there any other indices to remember for the Red Seven count besides insurance at 0 (+2 for shoe games), stand on 16 v 10 at 0, stand on 15 vs 10 at +2, stand on 12 v 3 at 0, stand on 12 v 2 at +2, and double 10 v X at +2. I would like to learn a few more but cant seem to find them, not...
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    what are the good casino in Washington?

    Crazy Moose went to 8 decks?
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    Drift on Inn

    No isn't Club Hollywood 8 deck, or did Nevada Gold change the rules?
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    Almost got in a fight

    I hate sore losers. I especially hate sore losers who think you only play AA,KK,QQ,JJ,AK, and maybe AQs and fold everything else. And chastise anyone who dare play any other way. They're so dumb they don't realize they might as well play their cards face up. Your play is not so good, but...
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    Any places in Vegas with lucky ladies where...

    I've never seen an aggregate this low. Usually it's $15k-25k
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    Drift on Inn

    I haven't been there in a while, but from what I have heard they have a standard 6 deck shoe game, no surrender. Be careful it isn't the safest, or classiest place to play blackjack that is certain.