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    going to lv in sept

    We went to Sahara about 2 years ago. This is a great place for a beginner - especially with a low bankroll and small bets. I think they always had $5 tables and sometimes even had $3 tables at off-peak hours. We had a great time there and I actually liked it better that most of the huge...
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    Tunica - Best Place for Low Minimum BJ

    Thanks for the tips.
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    Tunica - Best Place for Low Minimum BJ

    Planning a trip to Tunica. Wife and I both play BJ - just Basic Strategy players. Looking for place to play with LOW MINIMUMS - prefer $5 but will play $10. Also, looking to stay at casino hotel that is not very expensive. (Would rather have more money to spend in the casiono - will spend...
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    Tunica from Memphis Airport

    I'm considering a trip to Tunica. I'd fly into Memphis. What's the best way to get from the Memphis Airport to Tunica? Are there any shuttle services? How about cab? I'd rather not rent a car, but would if that would work out better. Please advise. Thanks
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    New Strategy Trainer available

    Handy trainer there. I do like that you can easily choose the hands that you need practice on such as pairs or soft doubles. Very useful to set it to Challenge for practice on the ones that are harder for beginners to play correctly.
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    First time gambling in Vegas

    I've NEVER seen a casiono that will NOT allow you to use your BS card on the table in plain sight. This includes several casinos on the strp in Vegas, downtown Vegas, Indian Reservations, and cruise ships. I'm not saying there aren't any that will NOT allow it, but I haven't seen one. I...
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    BJ Rules at Cherokee Harrah's

    You were dead on with this. One $10 table and it STAYED packed. The $15 tables you could get at easily. Usually had some others playing and some seats available. Had a good time, but was down the first night. Wife and I more that doubled our buy-in in the first hour!!! For money sake -...
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    Pit Boss Guaranteed Win on First Hand!

    Actually, the opposite. I think everyone kept their bet the same, in hopes that she would do the same. If anybody jacked their bet way up, I'm sure she would not have done it. And, even so, she just made the losers PUSH instead of WIN on the second time. The dealer presses a button to...
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    Pit Boss Guaranteed Win on First Hand!

    Harrah's Cherokee, NC
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    Pit Boss Guaranteed Win on First Hand!

    This happened last weekend to me. Was playing at a $15 minimum table. The pit boss (female) came up when the dealer was getting ready to shuffle. She asked the table if she could cut. We all agreed. After placing our bets, and the bets were closed, she said thanks. There were about 4 or...
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    BJ Rules at Cherokee Harrah's

    tamster34 - Thanks for the update! I did some searching but couldn't find anything recent on rules. Those seem fairly good assuming BJ pays 3:2 and not 6:5. What kind of table minimums did they have? Any $5 tables? Was this your first time playing the video kind? I would rather have...
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    How to bet?

    Thanks for all your replies. Since I only get to play in a casino about once a year, I'll probably not do any counting. I may look into the Ace/10 Front Count if the opportunity to go more frequently comes up. I think it is also covered in Blackjack Bluebook II which I have. I 've been...
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    question about blackjack tables

    Do you have to have special cards for the "peeking device"? How does it work anyway?
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    Gut decisions...good or bad

    Which is it? $250,000 per day or $25,000 per day. Your statement says $250,000 (quarter-million dollars) Your example is for $25,000 per day * 7 for $175,000 Makes a HUGE difference to me whether it's $250K per day or $25K per day.
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    How to bet?

    4 decks DOA 2 cards DAS Dealer stands on soft 17 BJ pays 3:2 Split up to 4 times One card on AA split and if it ends up 21 it does not pay 3:2 According to BS Engine on this site, casino (me, as dealer) has a .38% advantage