1. bynight

    double deck or 6 deck

    Hey everyone! In the casino Im currently playing at, they have a 2 deck game with approx 45% pen. Across from it they have a 6 deck game (same rules) with close to 95% pen.. With my smaller bankroll I really only wong in when the count is high to avoid more risk.. I guess my question could...
  2. A

    Newly Created Blackjack Bankroll calculator by me

    I recently created an application in pycharm to calculated risk of ruin and winning a profit. You can enter your bankroll, your minimum true count to bet, what you bet at negative truecounts, and what you bet at TC1 through TC6. I think this gives a lot of options for entering inputs and you can...
  3. M

    Bankroll Question i'm sure all intermediate players have

    Hello all. I have a question for you guys about the way a bankroll works. Any Pros out there? Let just say I'm doing a minimum $20 with a 1-10 bet spread so max at $200. At 50X you need 1K. At 100X you need 2K which would cut your risk of ruin in half. Lets say these are my bets: T2 or less -...
  4. D

    bankroll questions

    Hi, It's been a while since I really concentrated on my bj game, I moved over to poker a while ago, but I want to get back in. I am thinking about starting out with a $1,000 bankroll. I know what level I should play if this was 6 seated limit poker, but where should I start on bj? My math...
  5. A

    Extracting Money from Bankroll

    I remember a very lively thread lately discussing if you take money out of your bankroll every time you double it, and the consensus seemed to be you need those "positive swings of variation" to overcome the inevitable negative swings of variation. So my question is what if you don't just take...
  6. A

    Optimal Kelly Bet

    2 questions: I understand that if your advantage is 2%, you should be betting 2% of your bankroll for optimal kelly betting for a 13.5% RoR. Or 0.7 of that, or 0.5 of that, or whatever your "kelly criteria" you want to play with is. But that assumes you're betting $0 at any advantage <0%...
  7. A

    Replenishing Bankroll

    I'm curious about a bankroll that you continuously add to each paycheck or each month. So let's say you add X dollars every Y days. In your calculations for RoR, Kelly betting, etc. etc. do you consider your bankroll whatever it happens to be on the day that you go, or what it would be...
  8. F

    Low Minimums Vs. Bad Penetration

    I am fairly new to the world of counting and I have an awful bankroll. Is it worth it to play at Mohegan because they now have 5 dollar games. I realize that Foxwoods has better penetration but the lowest minimum I'll ever get there is 10.
  9. M

    What Could I Be Doing Wrong?

    Hi Everybody, I started counting cards back in August. I practice rigourously and regularly by using Casino Verite and frequenting casinos every weekend. I am able to count a deck down in less than 20 seconds and very rarely make any mistakes in my count. I am using the Hi-Lo system with...
  10. B

    I need your questions on money management

    I am completing a project on bankroll or money management when gambling in casinos. Please share with me your number one question about how to preserve your money when playing in casinos by going here (Dead link: Thanks Jimmy J