blackjack apprenticeship

  1. bynight

    double deck or 6 deck

    Hey everyone! In the casino Im currently playing at, they have a 2 deck game with approx 45% pen. Across from it they have a 6 deck game (same rules) with close to 95% pen.. With my smaller bankroll I really only wong in when the count is high to avoid more risk.. I guess my question could...
  2. bynight

    New to counting community!

    Heyy Everyone in the BJ community! My name is ByNight, I have been training for about 5 months now on the hi-lo system and have completed my first hour of play time. I am insanely focused and will be communicating regularly on this forum for help and to hopefully lend some insight. Looking to...
  3. S

    How do I read the blackjack apprentice H17/S17 Chart?

    Hey, I’m currently learning the H17 & S17 Deviations provided by blackjack apprentice, but I’m not sure what to do when deviating. For example on the S17 Chart it says if I have a Soft 19 vs a dealers 4 to deviate when the true count is 3+, but what do I deviate to? A double down or a Hit...
  4. JohnCrover

    Former MIT member Semyon Dukach explains professional card counting

    Former MIT member Semyon explains his opinion on counting cards as a profession. 54:25 in the video.