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    noob question about KO

    Does how deep into the decks you are make any difference for the count in KO? Meaning, if I am at +4 after 10 cards have been dealt, should I be betting as high as I would with +4 and 10 cards left in the deck? I understand that the ratio of 2-7s to 10/A's should be the same in either case...
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    Trump Taj Penetration - $10 - 8D

    The Dealer has no discretion. The shoe itself has a mark where to place the cut cards. Anyone knows how many decks it is? I guess it is 2 decks. Is it(pen) the same in other pits as well or only in $10 pits. Anyone knows? Do they give better pen. in $25 min pits?
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    Question about 2 deck vs. 6 deck

    Hello everyone, Happy new year! I just need a clarification over something that I can't seem to wrap my head around. Is a 6 deck, very well penetrated game better than a poorly penetrated 2 deck game? If so, how can this be? The way I see it, the less decks the better regardless of...
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    Low Minimums Vs. Bad Penetration

    I am fairly new to the world of counting and I have an awful bankroll. Is it worth it to play at Mohegan because they now have 5 dollar games. I realize that Foxwoods has better penetration but the lowest minimum I'll ever get there is 10.
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    CT Casinos

    I might be visiting CT this summer and was wondering if anyone knows which of the two casinos there had better conditions for blackjack. I am told that only Mohegan has 5 dollar tables which I prefer because I am not a wealthy person. If the tables are 25 then there is no way I can build a...
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    Double Deck BJ Penetration

    Hey - I've typically been playing 6 deck games...I'm thinking of playing a little double deck but want to make sure I don't play a losing game. Using Hi-Lo couting system, what kind of penetration do you want to see in order to know the game is beatable? Assume decent rules....DAS...