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    Started questioning does the card counting really work

    Hi, I became interested in Blackjack and card counting a little while ago - learned from and, read books by Dr. Thorp, Lance Humble and Peter Griffin; practiced basic strategy and card counting at home and visited casino in Louisiana a couple of...
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    Question about index numbers at 0

    Ok I'm a little confused. 16 against a 10 you hit on a zero running count. 12 against a 4 you would stand on a zero running count. So for A7 against a 2 and an 11 against an ace would I double at zero or above for both of them or double just at anything above a 0 running count. I guess this...
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    How do I read the blackjack apprentice H17/S17 Chart?

    Hey, I’m currently learning the H17 & S17 Deviations provided by blackjack apprentice, but I’m not sure what to do when deviating. For example on the S17 Chart it says if I have a Soft 19 vs a dealers 4 to deviate when the true count is 3+, but what do I deviate to? A double down or a Hit...
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    No One Should Have To Pay To Get Full Indices

    Why should you pay to get CVData or CVCX when someone who already has it can just post full indices onto this forum? I was only able to find about 90 of the full Hi-Lo indices online. It should not be so difficult to find them. It would be way more efficient if indices for the most common card...
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    6 Deck H17 Playing Deviations

    Can I get a chart for Hi-Lo 6 Deck H17 playing deviations for the following? LS 17 vs A 16 vs 7 16 vs A 15 vs 7 15 vs 8 15 vs A 14 vs A 13 vs 10 88 vs A The charts should look like this and show how the advantage changes with the count. I want to see a chart and not just index numbers. I only...