1. GuyIncognito

    Memorization techniques

    I've hit a hurdle in my quest to perfectly memorize basic strategy, illustrious 18 and fab 4. I want to memorize it all perfectly though. My tactic of just reading the charts over and over before going and during breaks then trying to recite as many as I can is not getting me all the way...
  2. B

    Basic Strategy for Canadian Rules

    Im new to card counting. (And Canadian) Canada has some interesting rules for Blackjack, they always hit 17, DAS is allowed, and you can early surrender (they don't take a hole card) except vs. Ace. Also I believe if you double or split vs a blackjack you only lose the original bet. I'm not...
  3. Lasse Andersen

    Basic strategy - help me understand.

    I'm learning the basic strategy by heart, but I still got a hard time understanding something. How come you want to hit on 18, soft total, against a 7 and 8, but having a 17+ in hard total, you would always stand against anything. I get how the chance of busting is way higher when having a...
  4. N

    Is Online BlackJack Worth playing?

    Hi All, I am a noobie to BJ so I appologize if my question is out of place. If I play online classic black jack gold series(1 deck) online, is it possible to ever win in the long run? The reason I ask this is if i look at a house edge of 0.13 if i am playing optimal black jack i still will...
  5. C

    Interested in feedback on free iPhone Strategy App

    "Easy BlackJack Cheat Sheet" - FREE in the iPhone App Store Although this is partly a plug for our FREE iPhone application, this is *not* an automated message, and I will read all replies. The app is currently buried in the App Store, so you'll have to pass around the name or the link if...
  6. F

    Team Play Questions

    1. A couple friends and I have been playing in the area and having just one of us play minimum bet until the count goes up. Then all three of us play. Is this a good strategy or would that just spread the outcoming good cards to thin? 2. As you can imagine some people have gotten angry when...