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    Expected loss of surrendering with two 8s versus a dealer 10 or ace?

    I know you're supposed to split with two 8s versus a dealer 10 or ace but I'm curious what the expected loss is for surrendering with two 8s versus a dealer 10 or ace. Can anyone tell me what that expected loss is?
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    Surrender 17 vs A?

    I've been practicing my BS using the Trainer on this site. I'm set to 6 decks, H17, DAS, Late Surrender. I have a 17 with the dealer showing an ace. I tried to stand, but the trainer said the correct play is surrender. Is this correct? I looked in my book, "The Color of Blackjack" and it says to...
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    Early or late

    The video BJ table that I play at in PA has the following rules: 1. If the dealer's up card is an ace, she offers insurance, then checks for BJ before allowing a surrender. 2. If the dealer's up card is a 10, play continues, you can surrender before she turns over her facedown card. So...
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    Is It Early or Late Surrender? --Confused!!

    Hello Everyone, Firstly thank you all for your help with my previous question, I appreciate your explanations and it was nice to speak with some of you in the chat room. :) I am quite new to this website but have been card counting for a year now. I came across rules for a game that I am...
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    Surrender Strategy

    Our local casino does (and any in the province (Alberta)) can choose to offer surrender, but it is a little different. The play of the game is such that all players receive two face up cards and the dealer one face up card. Before any further action you can choose to surrender against any...