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    [Short trip one shot]How Viable is betting one big shot on 10+ TC with Spread 1-6? Investment wise

    With the rarity of 10+ TC to come by on 6 decks DAS DD, would it be a good one time investment to bet 35-50% of the bankroll for compressing the time factor or some sort? The time frame is 3 hours 250 hands in a week. bankroll might as little as 300-1000. Thanks.
  2. M

    modified approach to 'true edge' - does this seem right?

    I'm new to this counting world, but have been soaking up all I can to try to get a system down. I've started with the Red 7 count and am trying to use Snyder's 'true edge' calculation to decide on a bet ramp. Some review from the veterans on this site would be much appreciated. In Blackbelt in...
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    When do you work out the true count?

    I'm confused as to when to work out the true count,is it very after every 5 hands or so? and the true count is when you divide the amount of decks left to your running count? correct me if I'm wrong. Thanks
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    True Count Conversion Drill.xls

    Hi BJInfo Forums, I'm a ploppy, and require hundreds of hours of study and practice to become an AP. I can quickly keep track of the running count and am reasonably accurate with deck estimation. My greatest challenge is quickly converting to the true count. After searching for a free...