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    I'm novice card counter, help!!! Should I switch to Zen from Hi opt II for shoe game??

    Hi. I'm also new to forum, nice to meet you all. I started card counting earlier this year. Initially used HiLo, then came across CVCX and learned Hi Opt II. I can only sidecount Aces in double deck. I recently moved and where I am at, there are no double deck games, but 6 deck shoes, S17...
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    [Zen count practice] trouble when alternating odd and even number count

    Fellow zen counters, How to practice zen count? Hi-lo in 20s a deck is not a problem for me. But once I get to zen count, the jump from odd number to even number got me stuck for so long. I can bearly do it for 40s a deck. Please enlighten me on how to get good at odd-even number counting. Thanks,
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    time investment and risk in counting vs stock market

    I just recently came up with this thought that the time investment and risk in blackjack counting is similar to stock market. How do they compare in general and the outcome? Thanks.
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    Does Zen count have best efficiency in six-deck?

    Hi everyone, I am new to this forum and have been practicing hi-lo in six-deck games. I would like to push it to a second tier technique. Does Zen Count have the best efficiency in terms of outcome and ease of use in six-deck? Thank you very much for your opinion!
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    Zen Recommendation

    I have read some threads here with people advocating Zen, and I wish to up my game from KO to Zen and my question is which version do people use/recommend? As far as I see it here are the options: a) Zen from Snyder's 1983 version of BBIB b) Zen from Snyder's 1998 version of BBIB (I read...