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Ferretnparrot said:
Ken, I totally understand your rationality here, but you have created something genuine and real in this website, if you shut it down it will be lost forever. I am sure most if not all of the members here would maybe pay for membership, or perhaps there is another way to generate revenue to pay somebody to run the website for you?

Maybe. You could just recruit more long time members like myself and others to deal with the trolling spamming etc so it won't be a headache to you.

Surely you have pride in what you have created in this website, not everybody gets to do something that really does help the world in a way that you have even if the world your helping is a smaller portion of people, all of those people enjoy your website and what you have created.
This is actually a very good idea Ken. Well worth consideration.

1. Most importantly- keeps inside info on the inside.
2. Spammers will not fork out a membership fee.
3. As Ferret suggested, Get volunteers to moderate.


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Hi Ken,

I can, as it would seem everyone here does, understand how you feel and would never expect you to continue doing something you don't enjoy.

I read your announcement carefully and it would seem that it is mainly the message boards that are the cause of your grief (correct me if I'm wrong). Is there any chance of simply passing on that task to some of the already-trusted moderators here? Any existing moderators care to volunteer?

I have had the pleasure of both meeting you and competing against you in tournament play. I wish you all the best and respect whatever decision you come to.
It has been a priviledge to learn from this forum developed from an inspirational advantage player with such professionalism and leadership. Thanks Ken.

With respect,


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This is some of the worst news I've heard in awhile. I have looked at the other forums but none came close to this.

I would definitely pay to keep this open.


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Sad news!

Just got home from a losing session at BJ, thought I would come
on here to ease the pain and WHAT the!!!......:eek: I've only been
here for barely a year and have learned a LOT and had a lot of fun! Thank you for that. Now I feel a little lost....sad.:(


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Dyepaintball12 said:
This is some of the worst news I've heard in awhile. I have looked at the other forums but none came close to this.

I would definitely pay to keep this open.
I agree, this is some bad news!
I am grateful to have met so many intelligent and interesting people from this site.
Thanks to all of those who have helped improve my game, and a special thanks to my Midwest Crew! Let's try and stay in touch!

Best Regards,
Dear all,

I may not have posted much in the past, but I've truly learned everything I know about bj (beyond basic strategy) from you guys. While I wish it would last longer too, I guess even good things must come to an end. No matter what, better variance for all in both your AP adventures and life and once again thank you guys for all the helpful posts.

Remember Remember


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I can't tell you how much the board has meant to me. But like all good things, it must come to an end, and I can accept that. C'est la vie! If you were not making six figures on the site, then the administrative burden was surely not worth it, not to mention that it was not your bag in the first place.

This board taught me nearly everything I know about blackjack, so it's utility for me has been beyond question. Also, the acquaintances I have made here have been truly rewarding. Some have resulted in real life friendships, which I value very much. But as far as I'm concerned, the board is real life. Even in real life, people wear masks, facades... so the fact that people here are anonymous does not really change much for one who does not place great value on physical appearances.

Without a doubt, APs here will migrate to other boards, or as has been suggested, create new boards. I hope in that way, we can all stay together. For anyone who might want to stay in touch with me, my email is [email protected].

Lastly, I congratulate you for a spectacular job of creating and running the website. It may not have been your first love, but you could not have been more professional in operating it and dealing with its many problems and headaches. I have nothing but praise for your accomplishment here, and wish you all the best in your future pursuits. Thank you for providing a vehicle that has greatly enriched my life for the past four and a half years since I joined. Good variance to you, and may you and your loved ones have a merry Christmas and a happy new year! Aslan


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I don't post here much but got the email about the shutdown. I've run forums before and can appreciate the grief that comes along with them. Instead of shutting down my forum I handed the reigns over to someone else. They've done a great job running my site, have upgraded the forum and it's thriving now. It might be an option you consider as closing this forum would be a great loss to the BJ community. I'll respect whatever decision you make but I just wanted to share my experience when I decided to relinquish ownership of a forum.


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Holy crap

My phone pukes and I have had zero contact with nobody..I get my new phone going and BJInFo isclosing????
So is ZenZoneForum still open for business? I surely am not going to other BJ sites.
Anybody that needs to reach me......I will be hanging over at ZG's house....
Its been fun life has been altered in so many ways.......

Sooooooooo KEN is this site for sale or for lease? CP....???? Your the man for the job!!!!


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Yes, I echo the sentiments of others. After seeing "the movie" and scouring the 'net for the bits it was obvious had been left out, I found BJINFO. It has, without doubt, the most useful and informative contributions from members and I have found it to be invaluable in learning the game. It has also been a point of contact for some of us UK members, who actually did meet up in London to share some time at the felt - a weekend paid for by the shareholders of two of the casinos in Town.

Thanks, and best wishes for the future.

Ken, thank you so very much for your time & effort during the years. You have been my teacher and my friend. I certainly understand the burden you have continued to carry for so long with out any compensation.
You and this site have lead me to many friends and fun at BJ tournaments. I just wish there were a lot more tournaments for us to attend.
You deserve so much credit for providing an educational forum for those who really want to learn the game instead of thinking it is a game of luck.
I hope there is some way for this avenue to continue without you having the burden of it,


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Craps Master said:
Just curious, but who among us would be interested in such a new forum? I don't think any of the existing forums are good options, to be honest. If enough people from here were interested in participating in a new one, it could probably take off.
I would absolutely be down. Fee or no fee.

Brock Windsor

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Thank you Ken Smith

This site greatly accelerated my learning curve from someone with a casual interest in gambling to full time player. I hope the PM features are still available as I want to keep in touch with a few members. Every time I spot an AP I always try to figure out what his bjinfo name is. Similarly, I've been picked off myself by other members. A great site, and those of us who came into gambling during its prominence (and the days of easier availability of ExCAA) are in your debt. I want to thank SONNY also, a top notch board moderator and mentor for developing AP's. He always responded to my questions and if he didn't have the answer he would get it for me.
Positive variance,


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Some questions answered

Thanks for the many kind posts.

To answer a couple of recurring questions:

1) Why not just turn over admin work to others, and leave the site in place?
I feel responsible for all content on my site, and I would still feel that responsibility even if I were not involved in the day to day operations of the boards. Turning over the reins to others doesn't end my involvement.

2) How about selling the message boards?
The message archive is being retained as a key component of the BlackjackInfo site going forward.

3) How about selling the entire site, including the message boards?
I don't think anyone who is suggesting this idea would like my price. I turn down 1 or 2 offers a year, some of which have been considerable.

4) What about chat?
Sorry, chat will go away as well.

5) What about the ZenZone?
I am still working on what exactly happens there, but when complete I will no longer have any involvement with the ZenZone. There may be a purchase opportunity there.

6) And
That will take longer, but either changes or a sale are coming there as well. If you have interest in possibly purchasing that site, send me an email to keep you informed. kensmith @



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Sad to see it go. Thanks Ken

Sad news, but respect your decision, Ken. Perhpas you should reconsider turning it over to someone else - at least the message board. I've made a lot of AP contacts through this site, and learned a lot over the years. I'm sure a lot of casino personnel will miss it too :grin:

For those who wish to contact me, use my handle at gmail dot com. I'm also on Green Chip at Wong's site, though I despise that outdated, clunky software he still uses.