Card Counting Efficiency Calculator


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Is there anyway you could make this a sticky or intregrate it into the left hand toolbar? I always have a hard time finding it. Ok, thanks.
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Out of curiosity, and nothing more:

I threw in the values for Hi-Lo and of course got the expected values for all three variables.

I have a friend that finds it easier to count when he inverts the tags (i.e., "plus for high" is an easier correlation to make for him than "high is good"). So I threw in 1/-1/-1/-1/-1/-1/0/0/0/1. The BC and IC changed sign but not magnitude, as I expected. However the PE changed magnitude but not sign. Why?
:grin: thanks for the addition of the tool that should prove to be rather helpful itd be cool if you could put in a option for pen and amount of decks ;)