Does Total Rewards Tier score reset to 0 the 1st of each year?

Discussion in 'General' started by 21forme, Jan 2, 2008.

  1. 21forme

    21forme Well-Known Member

    Just looked at my tier score and it dropped quite a bit. I presume it's reset 1/1 rather than 1 year after points are earned. is that correct?
  2. geneticfreak

    geneticfreak Well-Known Member

    That's correct. When I asked in December how close I was to Diamond, the guy said I was close but to make sure I get there before the end of the year, which I did...
  3. EasyRhino

    EasyRhino Well-Known Member


    I've thought I read at lvadvisor forums that an upgrade to plat or diamon CAN work on a "rolling 12 month" basis though. But downgrades definitely happen on a calendar year basis.
  4. Frankie

    Frankie Well-Known Member

    Follow up question -- are tier credits equal to reward credits? I visited a Harrah's property after the first of the year, for one day only, and received about 10,000 reward credits but only 3,000 tier credits. Are tier credits capped per day? Is it not 1-to-1? I would have thought that if I earned 10,000+ reward credits in a day, I would have earned diamond in a day. What am I missing? I guess tier credits are not 1-to-1? For some reason I thought they were.
  5. EasyRhino

    EasyRhino Well-Known Member

    Here's what I've learned from the folks at lvadvisor and,

    Tier credits are the most straight forward, they're based on coin-in and table games' theoretical win. They get reset each year. If you get 10,000 in a year, you're diamond. At some properties, if you get around 3,000 in a day, you can get diamond in a day (DIAD). Tier points have no function other than to measure your awesomeness.

    Reward credits (RCs) are the points that you "spend". They differ from tier in two important ways:

    - they can grow faster
    - they get consumed by comps

    You can earn RCs faster than tier points because of "bonus" RCs. there are two ways to get these: Play a game with an unusually high house advantage (I guess some slots?), or to play a whole lot in one session. As more points are earned in a session, a sort of "accelerator" kicks in, and you will start accruing more and more bonus RCs as the session lengthens.

    Also, bear in mind that Harrahs has an internal number called ADT, Average Daily Theo. Obviously, a few big sessions will make this larger than lots of small sessions.

    So these two items combine to make it worth your while to confine your gambling to a few big sessions, if one is comp-counting enough for it to matter. For instance, if you're spending a few days in Vegas, and want to go to a few properties, it might behoove you to go to a Harrahs for only one day, and then go to other properties.
  6. Frankie

    Frankie Well-Known Member

    Exceptionally helpful, thanks. Explains a lot.

    One question: how do I tell if I made Diamond in a Day? I made more than 3k points in one day. Where on the Harrahs website will it show I am renewed Diamond for the next year (I was set to expire in March 2008)? Also, is Diamond in a Day good for Diamond status through February 2009 or February 2010? I know that regular Diamond status if achieved would be through February 2010, but is DIAD only good for the current year and Jan-Feb of next year?

    Thanks again.
  7. EasyRhino

    EasyRhino Well-Known Member

    I don't really know if DIAD is a per property thing or what, sorry. I'd call someone (if you got a VIP services contact at that particular property, or a generic Harrahs number).

    I also forgot the incredibly important disclaimer, if you have some sort of AP thing going on, then it's probably a bad idea to stay for one tremendously huge day of gambling, as that would exponentially increase the chance of adverse action.
  8. Frankie

    Frankie Well-Known Member

    No counting, just basic strategy. And I hit them very, very hard (for such a quick visit). Like new car hard. Usually lose in AC though, which is why I stick to double deck in Vegas.

    The more I read, the more I realize Diamond actually means little anyway. I get some pretty sweet offers, sounds like those come mostly from ADT.
  9. Carmine782

    Carmine782 Well-Known Member

    Yes, Thats correct. Your Tier Score will reset on 1/1 of every year, If you gain 10,000 Tier Credits let say in 2007, you have diamond from the point you got 10,000 tier credits and the rest of 2008. In march/April of every year, they do whats called "Tier Status Renewal". Bascially renewing you for the next year, providing of coruse you earned enough tier credits in the previous calendar year to preserve your status.

    To Answer the question about reward credits going faster, Yes, You will earn reward credits alot faster, mostly because of bonus reward credits, they will have promotions throughout the year where you swipe your card and you can win instant cash & reward credits. However they will NEVER have a promtion for you to lets say earn "1000 Bonus Tier Credits" Tier Status, Gold/Platinum/Diamond/Seven Stars, is desinged to show the casino how "IMportant" you are to them.

    I know alot of people here, dont like Harrah's I persoanlly love their rewards program. I have gotten more hotel offers then I know what to do it, and many other awesome offers, the best is the diamond lounge, GREAT, FREE, Food and Drinks Available to you 24/7. And the Casino I play at has the bext BLACKJACK Game within 100 miles of my house.
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  10. EasyRhino

    EasyRhino Well-Known Member

    I would vouch for the ADT thing.

    For instance, I had one horrible horrible losing session. This was also basically my first session using a TR card. The next month, my bounceback cash offers were for $150 per week instead of $5 per week (they have since dropped to more normal levels). So that's all from a one-day theo.

    Diamond gets you those random perks like line passes, lounges, a few free show tickets, etc. Handy, but it doesn't seem like there's too much monetary value to them.

    BTW, does anyone know some really good sites for comp hustling? (I'm looking at you, shadroch). Lvadvisor is the best I've stumbled on, but it's LV centric.
  11. nuvi

    nuvi Active Member

    The Diamond status can be quite valuable. I get a free room every time I go - which is primarily on weekends. And I get enough comp money at the tables to eat well.

  12. EasyRhino

    EasyRhino Well-Known Member

    Yeah, but I can get free (basic) rooms at most places, and I'm not any level with them. That appears more to be based off ADT, not status.
  13. shadroch

    shadroch Well-Known Member

    I'm confused.If it was your first session using a TR card,what do you mean by saying it was $150 per week instead of $5.
    Harrahs has had a longstanding promo in many places that they'll refund $100 in losses your first time using a card. Is that what this was?
  14. EasyRhino

    EasyRhino Well-Known Member

    Sorry, first session of any significance. I had gone about 12 months previously and played like six hands of cards and put $10 through a slot machine. That was enough to generate the little $5 coupons.
  15. blackeyedjack

    blackeyedjack Member

    My HET experience with Total Rewards II

    First thing is the program has been tweaked several times since the 2003 incarnation. I did Diamond in a Day, played VP in Laughlin in Jan/2005 when it only was 1800 Base/Tier credits. Back then every casino decided if they offered DinaD and at what Base point level. Southern Nevada was 1800, but the prarie of Kansas was 1,500, Joliet was 4,000 and Ak-Chin did not play.

    You now can't renew your Diamond status with a DinaD play. It is now 3,000 Base points to do DinaD. The question I have not seen aswered is if DinaD is a once a lifetime deal or not. I am back to Gold as of 4/1/2007.

    Reward Credits = Base + Bonus.

    Yes, ADT is the key to offers. But I think they really send out mail to newbies too. Newbies should check the online booking system, even without any offers. Players have been surprised.
  16. shadroch

    shadroch Well-Known Member

    DIAD can't be done two years in a row. As far as I know,it can be done every other year.
  17. Frankie

    Frankie Well-Known Member

    My question is whether you can get DIAD if you are currently Diamond, but expiring shortly and you have not qualified to renew. Example: you made Diamond in 2006, but fell way short in 2007. Your status expires March 2008. Can you get DIAD in February 2008?
  18. shadroch

    shadroch Well-Known Member

    I believe you need to be Gold status to get DIAD,although I'm not certain.
    I think you could do it in April,but not in Feb or March.
    DIAD is not worth all that much to me these days.
  19. Carmine782

    Carmine782 Well-Known Member

    Thats Definaly True, I received only a couple mail offers for free rooms in Vegas/AC..Etc..but if i look at my online reservation screen, i got suites comped almost anytime i want, and almost whereever i want to stay in the country.

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