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Discussion in 'General' started by choongie, Oct 3, 2005.

  1. choongie

    choongie Member

    anyone have their favorite online casino they can recommend? I'm new to online gambling and any help would be much appreciated.
    My bankroll is $1000 and I would like to gain about $250/week. Also, any hints would be much appreciated.
  2. E-town-guy

    E-town-guy Well-Known Member

    I imagine most of the casinos advertised on this website have been selected by Ken because he thinks they're reputable. My advice is to try and pick one with a nice bonus for your initial deposit, such as intercasino.

    On the idea of making $250/week I recommend two things. First, as I stated above find a casino off this site with a nice bonus, second, find a job that pays at least $250/week because you're not going to be making that at a casino. If it was that easy don't you think everybody would be doing it???
  3. Mikeaber

    Mikeaber Well-Known Member

    Hate to say it, but I think E-T-G is absolutely correct. $250 on a $1000 BR is demanding a 25% positive expectation. The realistic expectation for a card counter is more like 1% or 1.5%. For a basic strategy flat bet player, it is a negative .62% on normal 6-deck and around .39% on double deck with common rules. I do not see earning $250 a week reliably on either of those scenarios.
  4. mdw

    mdw Well-Known Member

    And I would add, only gamble online if you feel comfortable playing against a computer. A loosing streak at a brick and mortar casino is believable. You see the dealer shuffle the cards, you see those around you winning and loosing, you see the dealer on a winning streak. At an online casino you will hit loosing streaks just like at the brick and mortar casinos and because there is no shuffling etc, even flat betting you can loose a lot very quickly. The reputable online casinos should not have to alter the outcome, but if you don't believe this, then don't start. I practice online with play money, but don't trust the outcome with real money, since I work with computers for a living. I would also agree $250 a week profit online or at a real casino would be a very good outcome, but I think you will find not on par with the true expectation. Good luck. Just my two cents.
  5. choongie

    choongie Member

    I would not believe online gambling is rigged or anything and I also believe I can be making about $50/day. Is it that hard?
  6. Canceler

    Canceler Well-Known Member

    For those who want to see what choongie looks like, look up "naive" in the dictionary. The picture next to the definition is him.

    I'm sorry choongie, but I think you need to study a lot more about blackjack before you attempt what you're planning. The posters above have given you excellent advice.

    Why not start by playing against the strategy trainer on this site? Keep track of your results. Play many thousands of hands. See if you can reliably make $50 per session.
  7. deltaduke

    deltaduke Member

    Not hard, just impossible

    I have been playing blackjack in casinos for many years now, and am considered a good player. If it were that easy I would take $10,000 and make $2500 a week. Why settle for pocket change? Yes there will be many days you will make your $50.00 and will feel bulletproof and 10 foot tall. but the reality of it is there will be many days, you will not only make nothing, but unless you hold your losses you could lose your whole $1000. This is by playing every hand perfectly. You cannot count cards online, so no matter how perfectly you play the cards you will inevitably lose whatever the house edge is in your game, and no online game will be run with a positive edge for the player. If you want to have some fun go ahead and play, but don't even think you can make extra spending money on a consistant basis.
  8. E-town-guy

    E-town-guy Well-Known Member

    Obviously you're not very familiar with the game Choongie. You might think I am rude but you will thank me and the others members of the news group when you haven't lost both your shirt and home gambling online. Before you go any further I suggest you read through the posts on this site and one or two books on BJ. You will quickly realize that a good day is when you walk away from the BJ table and have broken even. It would be stupid to even suggest that a casino would offer a game that could be beaten as easily as you're suggesting.

    Something to think about: BJ on average has a house edge of about 0.5%. So lets say with $1000 bankroll you're betting $5 every hand and you play about 400 hands i.e. 4hrs. 5x400x0.005=$10. Thats NOT $10 profit but an expected loss of $10, or on average $2.5/hr. Thats not much but its a far cry from making $250/week and furthermore it requires you play perfect basic strategy. I should also say that even if you start counting cards and only have a $1000 bankroll you'll never be able to make $250/week consistently. In fact even with card counting a $1000 bankroll should make you enough profit, on average, to pay for a drink or meal at the casino during the night, thats about it.
  9. choongie

    choongie Member

    Maybe I shoudl've done some more research and thanks for all your advice.
    I'm still going to give it a try and see how it turns out. Who knows, luck might be on my side :)
  10. Canceler

    Canceler Well-Known Member

    Well, we tried


    If you do go ahead with this, please let us know what happens. I think we all would like to know. Good luck!

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