KJ - the final word

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tezzadiver said:
I have no doubt we will see you here posting under a different alias.
I certainly hope so. Some great stores all around the country KJ. Just saying you can have roots like an oak and burn yourself in the fire or wings like a bird and fly away from it. However you decide to deal with this good luck.

yesiamred said:
WTF...I mourned the loss of you and I don't even know you...I did a re-evaluation of myself because of your young life lost so early, or so I thought.

I don't know you from adam but really, wtf...wtf ???????????

My life has been threatened and my children's life's have been threatened in the past...no, not because of cards, blackjack or casino's just because there are dumb, lying, cheating shits out there who only care about themselves...ugh...I need some time to reflect and a few beers.
Stay strong, you know who your friends are here, the ones you spoke with and the ones that hid nothing, were honest with you, judge not all of us by these vomitus actions by a sick few.

I have met some 45 people from this site at Bashes and in the casino, and those who do not slink away in the dark, hide as rats in a sewer, were all very stand up and educated family folk, just top notch. I know what you must be feeling, I am also nauseous at what I have seen go down on this site in the last 2 days. But as I said, do not judge all of us by the actions of a couple disturbed creeps, they are not the norm. This site will recover, but I fear it will take some time, and Daddy Bo, if he would just start posting again.

Your friend,


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I'll just lock this thread before all this drama causes any more bannings. Let's all remember what we came to this website to talk about.

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