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Discussion in 'Western USA' started by mica, Jul 11, 2011.

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    I will be visiting Wendover in a couple weeks. I've read a few threads here but would like any additional useful info about playing BJ there. I will be w friends that enjoy slots....so any info about those would also be appreciated.

    It sounds like a spread larger than 1-3 might get heat? If that only applies to black chippers I'm not worried....but I would like to know if that same spread with green would be acceptable? Someone wrote that the dealer shuffled anytime he doubled his bet? That would certainly make counting useless!

    Wendover is providing RT flight and 3 night hotel for low price. I'd like to make $$ while there...but getting barred early would leave little to do as there aren't other flights home available.

    Would it be better to play with small stacks of red chips instead of one or two green ones? Can number if hands be increased between shuffles? R the tables quiet early in the morning?
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    You shouldn't get much heat playing 1:4 green there as long as you keep the sessions under an hour. The only place that might is the Nugget. Three of the properties (Peppermill, naturally; Montego Bay and the Rainbow are all owned by the Peppermill. The nugget is MGM and the Red Garter is separate. So you should have an uneventful trip if you don't shove the spread in their face. PS,The food sucks all over town! Stick with the Arby's.
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    I made my first stop in Wendover on a cross crountry road trip about a month ago. As a new counter, which has spent most my time on shoe's and double deck, this was a new experience.

    My time was limited to an early morning session but I found quickly that if raised my bets any more than double after a win I got a shuffle. So going one to 4 units got a shuffle. It took two early shuffles for me to catch on.

    I played the Mont)ego and the P-mill. So you can double up after a win. Or if you get a blackjack keep all the chips on the circle.

    Arby's wasn't bad.
  4. A $25-$100 spread should keep you in the game for a very long time, especially being you have that built-in cover. Your important job will be finding un-full tables (ideal for SD is exactly 2 hands in the game, maximizes pen) and inding good pen. RO7 pen is to be found there, don't play if you are only getting RO5.
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    Useful when count tanks:grin:

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