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    Knockout blackjack, questions - I lost the book

    the key for 4D is -2 I think, someone else might want to double check. BUT that is in relation to an IRC of -12.... so if your IRC is 0, then your new key would be +10. I know the principle is the same, but the -2 key might be off, i don't remember if its -1 or -2. Also, boosing your IRC...
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    q,estions regarding unbalanced card counting system

    you can TC any system, either UB or balanced. however, IMO if you're going to bother TCing in the first place, just learn a balanced system. also, if you're going to bother with MULTIPLE side counts, just put in some effort and work on your deck estimation, it will be much better than the...
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    I'm confused about K-O counting?

    yes, if AM is right, then u would want to use a UB for pitch games, but that has a lot to do with personal prefference and/or if u ever even play pitch games. the inaccuracies would b in both betting and playing i believe. You hav to round the TC before you make a bet, and (if you chose)...
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    UFC Heavyweights Finale

    goin w/ maynard tnight :-D as well as effrain, sadollah, and leban
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    skills tests

    that is a dirty DIRTY trick lol... wat a pain in the ass. "damn, i got it wrong" no you didn't... "what?" haha :laugh:
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    Need Some Help...

    money - that 3-500/month is prolly more than you will make at the tables w/ ur given BR. however, i think i have read several places that you need 1,000 units to account for a reasonable risk of ruin (chance of losing everything). so you can decide for urself where to start - there is a...
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    Best counting method?

    if the tags are different, then so will the indexes and insurance
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    Hot deck in KO strategy?

    depends on how "hot" you want it. CVdata sims hav an option to tell you how often each count was reached. that will tell you how hot and how often. less people = more aces fore me :grin: also what krak3d said; they will eat up the small cards to get to a high count, but the will eat up the...
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    skills tests

    ya, you're right RJT... i was thinking in terms of whole deck or just in general, not passing his test. If you wanted to make sure your whole deck estimation was excellent then you could settle for a slightly imperfect 1/4 deck estimation. practicing w/ 1/4 decks makes playing w/ wholes decks...
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    skills tests

    good article Sonny :grin: so wat the idea is that you play perfect BS for 10 shoes and have only 5 betting errors (only whole unite errors count) or less. to help your betting, as i said earlier, u just need to know wat a deck (or two or three or four) of cards looks like... 1 deck is about 5...
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    skills tests

    i stand corrected
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    skills tests

    i've heard of this thing called the internet... as for deck estimation you could always count each individual card to double check TC division speaks for itself depending on if ur Rounding, Trucating, or Flooring...etc; know your multiplication/division tables...
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    Best counting method?

    yes, if you're going to play mostly shoe games then you shouldn't bother with the complexity of a side count.. in other words, as Deathclutch said, go with Zen or RPC (also check FELT). Those are probably the strongest and simplest available... w/o going overboard on a lvl 3+ and still stronger...
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    Bankroll vs. RoR

    well as you established earlier, ur risk is a lot lower with the lower mins. also, you said that your travel expenses were coming from other resources which means you're really not "losing" anything by traveling to a different joint. you are essentially being freely transported to a game with...
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    Best counting method?

    Yes Canceler, that's the correct link KO and KISS 3 are pretty much equal in BC and IC w/ KISS 3 having a slight advantage in PE. However, you must realize that KISS 3 has a suit aware 2 meaning you would count either the red or black 2s as +1 and not count the other color. Similar...