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    Casino NB

    I'm on my honeymoon, off to Cape Breton. We stopped in to check out the casino. First, it's tiny. The Heron is bigger. The slots+table+poker space is the same size as just the heron's table space. There were 3 BJ tables open, all shoe dealt. I didn't see any CSM. It looked to be 8 decks, 2...
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    Best Ontario casino's?

    </lurk> If Seneca is still any good, now would be the time to go. With the dollar almost on par, your bankroll will be almost 1:1 CAD:USD. Hold onto your winnings for about a half a year, and it'll gain nearly 20% once the dollar drops. (Or it'll stay the same, but it's highly unlikely for...
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    Myths in the Movie 21

    Therein lies the problem. Even if computing power did increase perfectly exponentially (ala Moore's Law), the casino would have to be in a constant state of upgrading the hardware to keep up with the data. There are some interesting real world limitations, though. There's only so many people...
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    Myths in the Movie 21

    Although a computer can have (effectively) infinite memory, it still is limited by how fast it can process. And that's the real killer. Suppose it takes 1 second to compare a face against one face in the database. You have ten people in the database. One person walks through the door. If...
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    Myths in the Movie 21

    It could have been a cover play. She was the spotter, and her bets were significantly lower that Ben's BP bets. Screwing up a good hand every now and then would throw them off the scent of her as a counter. Plus, if she makes a real boneheaded move as soon as Ben sits down, the table's attention...
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    Job Alias

    If you're going to lie, then you might as well LIE. Go for the big ones, and change them every time. Make it so blatantly obvious. They'll think you're either crazy, or they'll never be able to tell what's real and isn't. My suggestions: - CSI (New York, not Las Vegas) - Artificially...
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    Quick $500... Only Read if You Are an Experienced Blackjack Player

    Oh, I've played that system before. Aren't your supposed to raise your bet every time a member of the Nigerian royal family is displaced?
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    anyone wanna meet the whale?

    It's a little mix of chemicals I call "Soft 17"
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    Scary stories

    New Jersey beaches are very rough, I've heard.
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    Hypothetical Question

    I asked that question a while ago. Here's the thread:
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    anyone wanna meet the whale?

    Sounds like fun! Don't forget to pick up travel health insurance. OHIP doesn't help you in Alberta. It'd suck for a ill-timed illness to wipe out the EV.
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    anyone wanna meet the whale?

    That's just what we tell people so we can hoard all the sweet, sweet games to ourselves. =)
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    Unbalanced bets as camouflage

    That's because when you switched to two hands, you altered the flow of the cards in a nega-state quasi direction that imbalanced the causality matricies.
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    canadian charity casino

    Given that the distribution of the "charity" money is probably 99.999999% to the casino, and the remainder to whatever charity they chose (which probably also has a 90% overhead), I don't think they're really raising any money for anyone except themselves. With numbers like these, if you are...
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    Will blackjack go anywhere any time soon?

    You mis-speak, good sir. "Jack" would be an excellent amount of comps, compared to what poker players actually get. Last I checked, it was in the order of $0.40 / hour. Play all day, and you'll have enough comps to maybe pay for your gas back to the freeway. Maybe. =)