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    Would you play?

    DD h17 ndas d10 70-75%
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    15 v A

    I have a big bet out, just bought insurance. Count is just over true 4. My index for 15 v A is true 5. Playing a NHC game. Do I hit or stand. I say hit. I'm having a debate with another counter who says stand because of the insurance.
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    20 max bet dump 2 hrs.

    Your story sounds familiar... almost seems like I was writing it. Just the other day I was playing a real decent game, up 5 max bets, thinking of calling it a day. Well conditions were great and I stick around. The downward trend begins immediately. First shoe I drop 3 mbs. Next hour or so I...
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    Do you trust the card drawing of Constant Shuffle Machines (CSM)??

    Never mind CSMs... I dont know if I trust all ASMs...
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    Just got slaughtered for 110 units, I want to cry :cry:

    Ouch! Just dropped 11 max bets in about 1 hour. :(
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    Just got slaughtered for 110 units, I want to cry :cry:

    This is good advice. Be prepared mentally and financially to drop 30-35 max bets in 1-2 session. Just the other day I was playing with another counter who was not prepared and busted out mid-shoe at True 6. Dont let this happen. My worst hit was 16 max bets in about 6 hours - it stung - but I...
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    What is my Edge

    True, but NHC works both ways. Many cards are saved when playing heads-up and using es-10 properly.
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    What is my Edge

    IMO the game is good if you can get 75%. With s17 and es-10 the house edge is nice and low.
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    What could happen?

    What could happen if you have been backed off from a store using your real ID then you come back a few months later with a fake ID, are able to play for a period of time and generate comps, then the casino somehow realizes your true identity? Obviously it would result in another BO or 86'ing but...
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    TKO advantage by count?

    Does anyone know TKO's advantage by count? Is it similar to HiLo's? I have been generating HiLo bet spreads and using them for TKO. Am I safe using this method? Thanks
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    Am I approaching this the right way?

    I play at casinos that offer $2 and $3 tables with good pen/rules and no its not 1969.
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    I sometimes wonder...

    After catching 5 dealer mistakes that favoured the house the other day, 2 with max bet, I sometimes wonder if certain dealers are trained or encouraged to try and intentally rip-off players the casino has determined they don't like. :( The mistakes ranged from taking pushes, paying BJ 1:1 and...
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    New game, need help.

    I need some mathematical help to come up with a startagy for a game I discovered. If you are willing to help PM me.
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    The "Perfect" Ploppy

    Not only was this ploppy quick with his decisions but he was convinced that he would make money if 3 hands were played vs the dealer. So when the count was low I would play 1 hand and he would play 2. Count rises, I play 2 hands and he goes down to 1. I wong out and he playes 3 hands and eats...
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    TKO indices

    I have been using TKO for awile now and using REKO-f indices from QFIT's online book Modern BJ. I convert them to TC by assuming the index is at the mid way point in a shoe (ex. 3/6) then calculate the TC. For example, A8v5 (6d h17) is a double at 18 RC (irc-0). I calculate 18RC at the 3/6 point...