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    Korea update needed please

    Been a few years but went to check out my old stomping grounds last month (Aug11) and not much has changed. The reason why you don't get backed off is that the 7luck chain is run by the the Korean Ministry of Tourism, so they don't really back off any counters. In 2006-7 I spent over 1000...
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    OMG!, this ia good one!! for real this time!

    I apply this concept regularly, but it's only because I can get away with it in my casino. If I have a min bet out with 1d left of a 6d shoe, then we are +6 TC all of a sudden because of a good round of cards, I will easily give up a borderline decision to ensure I get one more round of cards...
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    Circus Circus Reno's Shuffle-up policy

    Definately better atmosphere at Legacy and El Dorado, but the kids love Circus of course. Last year when I went to Circus they were pretty cool, let me spread about 1-6 or 8 most of the time, except one hispanic dealer who wouldn't let me double my bet without shuffling. At El Dorado, I was...
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    when can we get advantage to buy pairs ?

    The original poster most likely plays at an Asian casino which has a dumbed down perfect pair side bet: 11 to 1 for any pair. This bet is over 10% for the casino. Also, please don't tell people +3 is the pivot for advantage, with no proof except that "you have done it". There is no math...
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    I Had Fun Today...

    Wow, do I have to be the one to be completely honest? If he's tried this once, it is extremely likely that he will continue to do this, especially if people congratulate his short term luck. Let's say what we all feel. Stop this unless you want to become a losing player. If you have a $2 mil...
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    Knight Rider Las Vegas episode

    Yep, pretty much any show or movie with counting in it is a waste of time. That's because they try to portray it as "exciting" when in reality counting is a grind. Even the ones with real pros in it like the BBC special try to be overly dramatic. The only good blackjack video I've seen is...
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    Counting system for Royal Match side bet.

    However, be careful. The only time I've been backed off was because of this dang side bet. I hit 3 out of 4 hands in a row, including the 25 to 1. Shift manager came down and took my bet out of the circle.
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    Blackjack Songs

    Although its an anthem to reckless gambling, Motorhead's "Ace of Spades" really gets the adrenaline pumping.. Music Video is pretty lame though: LYRICS: If you like to gamble, I tell you I'm your man You win some, lose some, it's...
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    Walker Hill Casino Seoul Korea

    I have not been there but I seriously doubt they have early surrender. If they do, I might actually consider driving that far.
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    Lucky Seven Casinos in Seoul, Korea

    Jersey, Unfortunately, I don't live close enough to Seoul to go too often like I used to, though I try to make it up there once a week. But if there is anything you can take from me, it should be that Carribean Stud is a losing game, with very bad odds and you will lose to it...
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    Lucky Seven Casinos in Seoul, Korea

    Seven Luck Casino "Judging from previous post, they have both CSM and Shoe games available. The BJ rule is OK except didn't offer early surrender with 8 decks. I have played over a thousand hours at Seven Luck Casino. They moved to six decks about 8 months ago. All the $2-10 tables are CSMs...
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    Is there anything decent in Reno/Lake Tahoe?

    Reno does have good games, especially with one deck. On the double deck they burn like 20 cards off the top, and of course the shoes are a grind. Double 10,11 only, no DAS and they hit S17, but the single deck is fairly easy to beat. However, I got backed off at El Dorado within 1 hour of...
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    Pairs strategy

    I would love to know the index The wizard of odds calls this Dare Any Pair. Most places pay this 11 to 1, and with the odds being 13 to 1 of getting a pair, the house gets 11.25% edge on a six deck, getting even worse as shoe gets smaller. Unfortunately, he doesn't present an index where this...
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    Does the Casino Give you Big Comps When you Turn In Cheaters?

    I've actually told on someone who was NOT cheating. She was the only proficient counter in my casino that I have ever seen, and at the time there were only two good tables at any one time. Needless to say, the town was not big enough for the two of us, and once when I was getting a bit of heat...
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    anybody plays blackjack in asia?

    hey bullseye, I live and play in Korea. Good rules and nonexistent heat (well, at least for me). let me know if you need more details.