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    Dealer called me a chicken!

    That's when you know its not your night.. when you change your strategy to try to fix things and end up making it worse. It's like the shoe was taunting you. I have had my share of nights like that... for example, 6 hours straight of nothing more than losing and pushes. Just couldn't fix my...
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    This site is GREAT

    But then there are the times where you just lose, and lose, and lose. I have gone to the casino twice in the last couple weeks and have lost around 4000... =/ the dealers just kept getting miraculous hands!! on every table i played at. I have never seen it that bad. I would have to agree...
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    Casinos in Minnesota

    Yeah, around noon-1pm today (friday) I must hold up to my 4 hour limit for once.
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    Casinos in Minnesota

    well, i haven't left school yet... i have a 3-4 hour drive to get to the casino... not sure if i will leave tonight or tomorrow morning. starting to look like i will be there around noon on friday. How's the tournament? I have been meaning to goto one but have yet to. Is the place packed...
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    Casinos in Minnesota

    Going to head out to Treasure Island in Redwing tonight/tomorrow. If any of you go, look for the table with a college student with a huge pile of black chips :D
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    New Blackjack Software available.

    If i have some free time I might be open to contributing to the project. Have you decided what language you want to write it in?
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    blackjack counting pro

    Online casinos don't simulate real tables... thats where people are misled... the rules for the player are real, but the rules shuffling and maintaining a shoe are not.... they just shuffle the shoe every hand or every few hands to prevent the card counting you just suggested.
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    What's so good about Sands of the Caribbean?

    Well, i have deposited money there about 26 times. not a cent was withdrawled. Deposits were from 100 to 400... mostly 200. I have given them a very generous chance. Now, its not too difficult to stay even.. but if you play to win then there is a good chance you will lose. I have learned...
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    blackjack counting pro

    can this device be fit into a shoe?
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    blackjack counting pro

    seems like you would still have to pay a lot of attention... half the time you can just cancel out groups of high and low cards on the table and you barely have to add/subtract...
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    Seat Position

    I also prefer 1st or 3rd... extra room and easier to talk to pit boss for comps :D
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    Casinos in China and S. Korea?

    I am going to China and then South Korea this summer for 3 months. I will be arriving in Beijing and travelling to Shanghai over a 3-week period. Then, I will fly to Seoul. Anybody know anything about Casinos there?
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    Seat Position

    well, if you sit on the last seat, you get to see more cards before your turn. Could be useful if you are counting
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    Optimal Strategy for the Flat Better

    :) Yeah, I have had my share of 12+ hour sittings