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    ultimate edge

    Answer the Queston, Please You still didn't address my question...did you or did you not have a conversation with another AP about HCing where your premise is that it is "unethical" at least? Was I taking drugs to assume I remembered such a conversation? Just curious. Regards, PM
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    ultimate edge

    Ground Control to Major Tom Excuse me? Maybe I just returned from Mars, but I pretty clearly remember a thread where you clearly insinuated HCing ranks up there with cheating. You even made a comment to the effect that your software includes it, but you still won't do is...
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    ultimate edge

    Qfit Has Problems with any AP other than Counting He has commented that hole-carding is cheating, so anything other than straight counting would classify as "cheating" to him. That being the case, of course he would like to see Taft removed from the list. Regards, PM
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    stupidest play you've seen?

    Just today saw a good one... Today a guy stand on 3 card "8" verses dealer Ten. It was at one of the places you are referring to above so I know you'd believe it! Besides laughing, I told him the dealer had him beat with their "up" card. (Couldn't resist) Regards, PM
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    HCing 6:5 D10 games

    Never Got an Email From him! :cool2:
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    HCing 6:5 D10 games

    Hard to Say... Email me the store and dealer and I'll check it out, myself. In the meantime, I wouldn't waste my time on this game...find something else! Regards, PM
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    Zman's article on detection of an holecarder

    Are you sure? Have you ever seen a casino boss take measures against cheaters? I haven' know why? They can't spot them. A "good" cheating team has free reigns in a casino. Only ones that would have a clue what they are doing is another "good" cheater. On the other hand, card...
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    Books about Advanced strategies?

    There's Only One Exhibit CAA...You can't get any more "advanced" strategies anywhere. Regards, PM
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    Reno advice

    Reno is very tolerant of red and red/green action. There are a few exceptions but overall, at the bigger stores you can put some $$ on the felt. PS is the biggest problem you find in Reno. Personally, I put a much larger "spread" down when I play there. The key to living to play another day...
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    Reno advice

    Not As Bad as you State... DD games are not good overall, but there ARE good ones if you know where to look. Single deck games are still "very good". Many dealers give 7 rounds heads-up and though most SD is d10, even those games are very playable. Since you haven't been in Reno for...
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    Blackjack Training open source software

    Everyone Quit Complaining! There's called allows running Windows on your MAC. I installed this software on my MAC and ran it and it works great in the partition. Instead of everyone complaining about why it only runs on Windows, how about just putting it on Windows...
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    AP's Most profitable games

    Finding Games for Profit This is fine. My concern is that when talking about various forms of play, a little TOO MUCH information will come out...;) Having said that, just about all games should be paid close attention for possible profit. This you can do without having others tell you...
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    AP's Most profitable games

    AP Opportunities I suggest that what is posted in this forum to be in very generalistic terms. Yes, there are other AP opportunities other than counting blackjack, but they shouldn't be discussed in any detail here or at any other site where there is open membership. AP play is something...
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    Wendover is a place that has 5 casinos. It's very small with hardly any retail activity in town. Peppermill owns 3 of the 5 stores and have the playable games. Nugget has some playable dependent...but is very sweaty, unlike the Pepp stores. Generally speaking, if you don't...