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    Blackjack Ball

    The 2011 inductee is Zeljko Ranogajec. Here is a little about him.
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    Can you get player's card on foreign passport?

    You think some minimum wage employee would know what visa is required from what country?
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    $ 10k declaration entering/leaving US

    There is no hassle. Just declare it and when they ask why all the cash you say going to/coming from casino. I should amend. If you are Caucasian it should be no hassle. If you are young and ethnic your mileage will vary especially if travelling to/from Columbia.
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    barrings and trespass

    That does not mean they won't arrest you anyway just to f*** with you. Especially if you are f***ing with them by coming back every day.
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    Did you ever leave your BR in a non-secure location?

    A good size book could be written just with stories of money being forgotten or misplaced. Sometimes people get it back, and sometimes not. I know one guy who left 20 or 30k in the back of a cab. They contacted the cab company, the police etc. but the cab driver said he never saw it. The...
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    How much cash can you bring on plane?

    There is something wrong with this story. Maybe you are confusing a CTR with a W2G. CTRs have nothing to do with winning or losing. All it records is a cash transaction.
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    Max Rubin, counter-catcher?

    New nominees are added every year and old ones that didn't get voted in get dropped. There is a vote every year to induct new members.
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    Max Rubin, counter-catcher?

    This is simply not true. There were 50 or 100 people there.
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    The Superior Player?

    This is just not true. If I could wave a magic wand and give you the ability to win money at slots I guarantee you would get barred when you won more money than they could stomach. I know of players who have been barred playing craps, roulette, CSMs, carnival game, it doesn't matter...
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    The Superior Player?

    This is ridiculous. You would be hard pressed to find a "professional" player that is not already in all the databases.
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    gambling laws
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    An easy way to get comped rooms at Harrahs

    This is very good to keep in mind if making a legal name change.
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    Optimal betting considering future opportunity

    As a practical matter this seems an easy problem. Figure out what the approx worst loss you can take in both games and bring that much cash.
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    A story of a body computer

    I have not seen Norm's software but from what I hear it very much looks like Shuffle Trak which came out LONG before Norm's version. I believe I wrote a review of Shuffle Trak for BJ Forum many years ago, but don't remember for sure.
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    A story of a body computer

    Was this the Shuffle Trak software that came out 10 or 15 years ago?