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    Discussion of other BJ Forum Sites

    My inner child just had a candy bar!!! Tarzan is the man. Respect sir. Sev~
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    Boards closing, discussion

    Thank you Ken, for your professionalism and for the oppertunity to better myself and my way of thinking about the world in general with the help of the many fine minds here that I cohort with for hours a day. Props to all of you for sharing and allowning me to take part in the intellect and...
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    Boards closing, discussion

    I would absolutely be down. Fee or no fee.
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    Puerto Rico?

    yes yes but did you get the Rum???
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    How much do you walk into the casino with?

    Show the gorilla some respect :flame: and if you'll follow this helpful link you will find all the answers you seek. ;)
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    What ever happened to...

    I didn't want to start a new thread, but speaking of what happened too...... What ever happened to ExGriffinman? I missed the guest chat and saw a couple posts afterward and then to my knowledge he ghosted. Did we loose our Benedict Arnold?
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    Previous chat room software

    Did the android thing Thursday and other than being slow at typing it rocked lol! Thank you Ken.
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    Another interesting site

    I've never heard of Mr. Frome is he reputable. Is there anything here that is not in Norm's uber edition?
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    Previous chat room software

    Ken you're the bomb and I'll be telling other people that in the chat room via my droid :):grin::cool:
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    Hail Mary Blackjack Bankroll Defined

    Just curious. It would have helped answer a lot of questions to know that my $500 that I scrounged when I first started up (that I lost 4 d*mn times) was no where near doable that my odds were like a 1/120 shot or worse lol. I'm nothing if not persistant and so far fifth time's a charm fingers...
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    Hail Mary Blackjack Bankroll Defined

    This brings up a thread i was thinking about starting. I wanted to know what where the odds of success if you were rocking an undeveloped bank roll. I havn't done any math on it just ran off the idea that if you were playing your average 6decker S17 good pen the rule of thumb is you need 10K...
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    New to counting Read these then ask questions you can find them cheaper if you try, but these are the...