1. bynight

    double deck or 6 deck

    Hey everyone! In the casino Im currently playing at, they have a 2 deck game with approx 45% pen. Across from it they have a 6 deck game (same rules) with close to 95% pen.. With my smaller bankroll I really only wong in when the count is high to avoid more risk.. I guess my question could...
  2. R

    Beating side bets - Would you be interested in a service for finding out how to beat them with card counting?

    Hi all! I got into the world of AP about 6 months ago. I started out on a 6 deck game in town, and one of its side bets caught my eye as something that might be beatable. After doing a lot of research that yielded no results on how it might be done, I decided to look into it myself. In short...
  3. A

    time investment and risk in counting vs stock market

    I just recently came up with this thought that the time investment and risk in blackjack counting is similar to stock market. How do they compare in general and the outcome? Thanks.
  4. T

    remaining deck help!

    i need help determining how many remaining decks are left. the link in the topic "free counting resources on web" doesn't work for me because the pictures don't show up. does any one have tips or links that could help me with this. also i can't get a friend or family member to help cause they...
  5. F

    What Counting Strategy do you use for 6D+?

    When you play at a 6-8 deck shoe, which counting system do you regularly use? You can just vote or vote and explain why. If you pick "6. other" please state which one you use. 1. Hi-Lo 2. K-O (only use running count) 3. K-O (with true count) 4. Zen Count 5. Red Seven 6. Other
  6. V

    Cards counting trainer with advanced statistics

    Cards counting trainer with advanced Black Jack statistics There are there modes: Decks counter mode. Ideal mode - player will never bust. Player look up next card and if sum more then 21 he stands. Test mode - in the mode user defined strategy is loaded and cards view is disabled. Try...
  7. F

    Does Hi Lo system stink?

    I just got done watching some video on you tube (which I found confusing). It claimed that the Hi-Lo system is awful and it was designed in a way that had mistakes. I find it difficult to count 6 deck shoes using the high lo count but I can do it. I am not sure if I could handle learning a more...
  8. J

    Can this be hussled??

    i was in a pub the other day and noticed there was an electronic blackjack machine(similiar to a poker machine type setting)...the machine uses 4 decks, it has a minimum bet of $1 and maximum bet of $50. i dont know much past the basics of trying to win at blackjack, but i have a feeling these...
  9. C

    Counting Cards

    In both single and multiple decks, does the "count" restart at "0" when the dealer shuffles or does it continue; and, when you lose your count when do you restart your count? What value do you assign to your count to compensate for the number of decks being used?
  10. O

    Team Card Counting in Montreal Casino

    Hello everyone. I would just want to know whether a team of 2 or 3 counters + 1 big player would work in Montreal Casino, and could actually be profitable. I have just gotten into card counting, and I have never been to the Montreal Casino, so if anyone could post the actual blackjack...