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Discussion in 'General' started by Carmine782, Sep 14, 2007.

  1. Carmine782

    Carmine782 Well-Known Member

    Good Evening, I was wondering is there any higher chips used for Blackjack then the Purple $500 Chips? If so, what color are they are what are the dominations they have, I never seen anything higher, Im just curious.
  2. Montreal Casino

    Montreal Casino Active Member

    Interesting question. The highest i've seen is a 500$ chip also.
  3. Jeff25

    Jeff25 Well-Known Member

    I've seen yellow $1000 chips and grey $5000 chips.
  4. Dyepaintball12

    Dyepaintball12 Well-Known Member

    I've definitely seen $1,000 chips, but I dont remember the color.
  5. CasinoKid

    CasinoKid Member

    Does blackjack have its own chips, don't they just use the casino standard? And the casino standard would depend on the highest value games, my local casino doesn't have anything over 500 dollar chips, at least on the general floor, because the highest value games are 2000 dollars, for all games I think. For blackjack it is 1000 dollars for the max bet. Maybe in the VIP room they have higher chips for the bigger games.

    Could be different here, Adelaide casino uses a sort of yellow colour for 10 dollar chips instead of blue like in the movies.

    Speaking of movies, are the thousand dollar chips really bigger than normal? And those passport sized gold slabs they had in Casino Royal, has anyone here ever actually had something as high value as that?
  6. Jeff Dubya

    Jeff Dubya Well-Known Member

    all the $1000 chips I have seen are yellow and the same size and weight as standard clay chips.

    However, I don't think there is any rule of standardization that requires certain denominations be specific colors - so they could easily be different from casino to casino.
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  7. weavin42

    weavin42 Well-Known Member

    In kansas city, the $500 chips are orange and as slang they are called pumpkins.
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  8. ChefJJ

    ChefJJ Well-Known Member

    I thought they were typically interchangable between other similar table games, including craps. But I do know that the $2.50 are somewhat unique to blackjack (definitely won't let you use them on the dice table).

    good luck
  9. SecurityRisk

    SecurityRisk Well-Known Member

    I've seen yellow chips in Vegas that were $1000, same size as a standard chip. I've also seen $1000 orange chips in Indiana that were larger than all the other chips.
  10. chichow

    chichow Well-Known Member

    I see yellows and oranges for 1000 dollar chips.

    In general, I also see greys for 5000 dollar chips.
    But then I have also seen brown for 5000 dollar chips.
  11. Mimosine

    Mimosine Well-Known Member

    i've never seen anything higher than $1000 (which were yellow).

    in So cal, $1 chips are either white or blue (in vegas too i guess) or silvers.

    I've seen pink $2.50 chips at el cortez and barona (san diego).

    other than that, haven't seen much variation.
  12. rogue1

    rogue1 Well-Known Member

    The Hot Shoe

    In the DVD The Hot Shoe you can see $1,000 chips that three M.I.T. players bring into their room,at the very beginning of the documentary. They appeared like swirley black and gold colored.
  13. 21forme

    21forme Well-Known Member

    In AC, $1000 chips are orange, and usually called pumpkins. I had a few of them yesterday (had a good day and broke a several session losing streak.) I've only seen $5K chips at Borgata and they were gray.

    I've seen bright yellow (sun colored) chips, also at Borgata, worth $20, but only at the Asian games tables.
  14. EasyRhino

    EasyRhino Well-Known Member

    Red Green and Black are the only truly consistent colors it seems.

    Locally, of if I remember correctly, $1k chips are yellow (Barona), light blue (Pala)... and maybe even white.

    Also, I noticed that some places will have the chips be larger in diameter after a certain denomination, which is a nice touch.
  15. moo321

    moo321 Well-Known Member

    Allegedly there are 10k chips at the Bellagio. But no one uses them, because it's a huge hassle to cash them.
  16. Foxwoods has $5K greys and $20K bright blue chips. On rare occasions a grey will show up on a non-high limit table, but I've never seen a blue in person. At Mohegan they used to use brown $3 cheques in the poker room, to speed up $3/$6 games.

    When you are coloring in and cashing out, a cheap way to make the PC like you is to offer to take away a pumpkin or any other odd chips from the rack and bring them to the cage. It makes their accounting easier and they will sometimes show their appreciation as they rate you.

    I liked the old cheques with the metal inserts they used to use at the El Cortez.

    The scariest cheque I've ever seen was a white $100 that only differed from a white $1 by the color of the pattern inside. They used these up at one of the northern Michigan stores, forgot which one. But I do remember I almost gave a waitress a really big tip.
  17. suicyco maniac

    suicyco maniac Well-Known Member

    Michigan has some really strange colored chips. The casinos that have both Canadian and USD in the float are the worst.
  18. the resorts casino in gary indiana has crazy colored chips. the chips are usually 3 dif colors, for instance, $1 chips are mostly white, with neon orange and blue or something, usually weird pastel or neon colors
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  19. tedloc

    tedloc Well-Known Member


    The high limit room at Harrahs in San Diego use BROWN for $1000
  20. CasinoKid

    CasinoKid Member

    At my city casino you can use the 2.50 chips on most tables, as my casino is crazy big on side bets :(

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