Southern US

  • BJ2wheeler Nov 27, 2011 (12 replies)
    any SD 3:2BJ in Tunica left?
    I’m really interested in SD BJ with a 3:2. willing to drive to find it and consider partnering with someone.
  • Cincinnati Kid Nov 15, 2011 (0 replies)
    Quality Coupons & Freeplay down South
    Wintering in FL and planning on putting in action ($30K to $150K per play) at a variety of Gulf coast casinos for the purpose of generating quality mail. Can anyone advise which casinos to focus on…
  • Hondacivicsi Nov 15, 2011 (0 replies)
    Anyone from miami??
    Hey whats up people I just joined here and I also just started learning the basics. Im wondering if the is anybody from miami,fl on this forum that would be interested in helping/teaching/training me…
  • Ferretnparrot Nov 13, 2011 (4 replies)
    Headed down south, looking for tips.
    I’m headed down from my natural habitat in the north east. I am looking for some advice on casinos to play at in the south east. Ill be near myrtle beach, tampa fl, and ill be passing by biloxi on…
  • halbruno Oct 30, 2011 (7 replies)
    Miami: Largest casino in the country?
    Hi all! Check out this NYTimes article:
  • creeping panther Oct 25, 2011 (8 replies)
    TSA Checkpoints
    On Tenessee highways?? Anyone see this or hear of it. Ron Paul just wrote an article blasting this new program by the “Buzz Cut Boyz”. WTF! CP
  • AC232323 Oct 9, 2011 (0 replies)
    Vicksburg, MS
    Hello, Can anyone provide any kind of report on Vicksburg, MS? CBJN hasn’t visited it since Jan ’10.
  • alwaysaheel Oct 6, 2011 (3 replies)
    Charles Town West Va
    What is going on at Charles Town … playing conditions and table limits
  • Speedy99 Sep 25, 2011 (23 replies)
    Biloxi Isle going H17
    Was playing at the Isle in Biloxi and the dealer stated they where getting new felts on October 15 because they are going from S17 to H17
  • Tallyfins Sep 17, 2011 (4 replies)
    Wind Creek – Atmore, AL
    Can anyone give me the basic info on the BJ at Wind Creek? How many decks? ASM? CSM? Min bets, etc. I typically like to play either hand shuffled shoes or I’m OK with the ASM. CSMs I do not like. …
  • I’m a student at USA and I don’t see why if MIT can have a blackjack team, why a school that’s 45 minutes away from casinos that have good game rules shouldn’t be able to have a team as well. It’s…
  • WABJ11 Aug 24, 2011 (9 replies)
    Florida Blackjack- Not Seminoles
    Mardi Gras Gaming recently unveiled “Classic Blackjack.” It has a real dealer present to play with you, but everything else (cards, shoe) is electronic to circumvent the silly gaming laws. It’s 6…
  • DummyGambler Aug 16, 2011 (6 replies)
    MO, Travel Conditions?
    I would like to get an update on travel/flooding conditions around Saint Louis and Kansas City. I heard some casinos are closed due to flooding. I’ll be driving from STL<->MCI. Are we seeing any…
  • Finrod Aug 12, 2011 (8 replies)
    Conditions around Naples, FL
    From what I can tell here, opportunities in Florida are limited. However, I plan to be in Naples next month and will have some free time and would love to spend it playing BJ. Any comments about…
  • BLUE Aug 9, 2011 (17 replies)
    Do any of u travel 2 Tunica. With the flood & other problems would it best 2 wait a year or 2 before going there for some profitable gambling.
  • Is the isle casino in Biloxi offering low stakes dd games that the dealer stands on soft 17? What casinos in Biloxi offer the best low stakes double deck games that still stand on soft 17? Thanks for…
  • Ace007 Jul 23, 2011 (3 replies)
    Any good shoe games in Shreveport?
    I was going to head to Shreveport in a few days. Any good casinos there? I’ve heard some good things about it and wanted to check it out. I’m interested mainly in the shoe games. How many decks,…
  • vegas21 Jun 8, 2011 (1 reply)
    After the flood
    Has anyone been to Tunica since they reopened? Where should this lowly red chipper play? PM me if needed. Thanks in advance
  • Does anyone know what blackjack side bets are available in casinos in lake charles, new orleans, and biloxi? I’ve seen one in Treasure Chest before, but don’t know which one it is. I’ve seen it in…
  • Memphis10Tigers May 13, 2011 (4 replies)
    Counters in Midsouth Area
    Hello all, I am brand new to this forum and there is certainly loads of information on here! I was wondering if there are any other card counters in the Mid-South area that would like to share…

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