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    holdem book

    i know how to play very well, i just want a book that would teach me advanced stuff or how to make me better
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    holdem book

    any one know of any good texas holdem books i can get on amazon? i want the best book out there!
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    Did anyone see Ken Smith WBT Last Night

    what channel can i see that show? can i get it off the internet?
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    KO or Renzey?

    i thought it would be the same, but with KO you go in large double digits numbers like -28 but with red7 you would almost never see that and the red7 betting strategy is alot easier too
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    Analysis of Lucky Ladies

    i didnt understand the thing too well, so if im playing 8-deck using KO when would i take the bet?
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    KO or Renzey?

    id say go with the red7, i have the KO book too but i find the KO count alot harder than the red7 and there very clos ein performance.
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    1st Counting Trip

    good luck on the trip, keep me posted i want too see how good KO really is. thanks, bnoc
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    blackjack being ''absorbing'' is keeping you up at night? thats not normal
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    one quarter kelley

    yea im using a replenishable br, and i thought it was the apropriate place to post this because its betting strategy and kelly betting is a betting startagey?
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    one quarter kelley

    yea, but whats the math that i put into the calculator to get my 1/4 if my bankroll. Its pretty stupid but i forgot. and thx for the response
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    one quarter kelley

    whats the math formula for the one quarter kelley system? thanks, bnoc
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    NGC: Beating Vegas - team ?

    the gorilla gets drunk and dosent count, while the big player signals him how much to bet.
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    Memory Technique for Basic Strategy

    y not do it the way every one else does it, memorize the chart and go on to practise. i did that way and took me a week and i got it 100% now
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    casino de montreal

    any one know the rules at the casino of montreal? also do they use csm's? thanks, bnoc
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    Has anyone tries this?

    i just signed up but it didnt come yet get it off this website- (Dead link: