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    As & 8s

    A's and 8's If the count is bad enough to consider splitting A's or 8's maybe you should be visiting your lucky urinal. (Mine is the third from the left:>)
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    What is your millionaire potential?

    Not a Millionaire I scored 20. I've sometimes thought that I could have made a million or two if I'd really wanted to. But I have always preferred a balanced life of work, family, reading, music, sports, and a reasonable amount of sleep. Now that I'm retired, comfortable but not rich, I can...
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    Gambling Linked to Good Health?

    Mental Exercise I tell my wife that that's why I do it. But I do believe there is some validity. CK
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    splitting tens

    Indices for tens splitting Risk-averse indices are higher. See BJA Ch.13.
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    Illustrious XX

    9,9vs7 An index of 0 for splitting 9's vs 7 seems very low. My sources give +3 for DAS, and +6 for NDAS. I'm using the other plays mentioned, except 2,2vs8.
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    The inside story of counting and 'Mr. X', Thorp, etc...

    Ruchman columns Thank you very much for posting that link. There are many other interesting BJ articles in Ruchman's index.
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    Plus-Minus Counting

    IRC=10 This works very well with an unbalanced count like KO. All you have to do is adjust your key count and pivot point.
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    Defining a ploppy

    "Spitting" tens Sorry; I was just trying to make a feeble joke based on the typo in the previous message. The idea of spitting a couple of tens onto the table whenever I wanted kind of amused me.
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    Defining a ploppy

    Wish I knew how to spit tens! :)
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    Advice needed on BANK ROLL

    Replenishable bankroll There is a good treatment of this topic in "Blackbelt in Blackjack".
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    KO wonging???

    Re:TKO No, I'm not familiar with TKO. I've looked for info on it but haven't found anything yet. In any case, if it involves estimating and dividing by decks remaining, I would probably go to Hi-Lo instead. What I use is pretty much KO Full,(see KO Appendix IV), with a few more indices for 6...
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    KO wonging???

    KC=Key Count
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    KO wonging???

    Re: KO Wonging Since no one else has responded yet, I will offer my approach. "Wonging out" is covered in the KO book, but I don't think "Wonging In" is. I would note the number of decks already played, and for 6 decks, enter at the following counts, which are about equivalent to TC's > 1.5...
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    Two Unrelated Questions

    Thanks for the input The proper bet for a situation is related to your advantage and your standard deviation. Now for certain DD hands your advantage is very high, so proportianally the appropriate maximum bet is very high. For DD hands the average advantage is somewhere around 15-20%. Let's...
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    Two Unrelated Questions

    Re: Answers 1. Your bet size is probably tailored to your bankroll and acceptable ROR? Obviously if you matched his larger bet for the DD play, you just bet more than normal. And increased your ROR somewhat (probably not a lot unless his bet was _way_ bigger than yours. IE even with a good...