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    Would you play with a 65% ROR??

    It's too long of a recovery time to support that high of an RoR, in my opinion. One or two months? Maybe.
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    The Finer Points Of Ratholing (101)

    - know which denomination chips the pit will want to verify when you leave the table. - know what dollar amount will trigger a call from the cage to the pit to verify - know what denomination chip will trigger a cage -> pit call - know the risk that you'll bump into the same cashier twice in...
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    Knowing when to get up...

    Barring some other deterioration (fatigue? depression?) then playing on would seem good if the EV was high and the heat was low. I think only one of mine was on a winning session... but I don't honestly think it would help.
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    AC hotels

    we obviously have different opinions on what "bad" is.
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    Where angels fear to go or "My day at the 6:5 table"

    Even at the one or two boards I visit which could argruably be called "ploppies unlimited", there's still a distinction to be made. If someone is describing a something like a "slot strategy" they like, then that's fine. But if someone's recommending a slot strategy, or is under the...
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    Trip Report - LV

    Sounds like you got some pretty decent comps. What do you estimate they'd rate your average bet at, and how long of sessions are you talking about?
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    Single Deck

    Once every 20 or 21 hands. So, 5% of the hands, where you're getting paid about 30% less, is where you get the 1.5-2% worse house advantage.
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    Where angels fear to go or "My day at the 6:5 table"

    Mr Renzey, thanks for running the sims. Irishman, stop giving bad advice. Your current tactics have the following flaws: - Playing the wrong game - Not spreading enough - Betting too much / too many spots in neutral/negative counts. - Not betting reliably according to the count -...
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    Overheard at the BlackJack tables...

    Bear in mind the ATM fee. If you're bet is $100, and you need another hundy, but the ATM fee is $4, hopefully your increase in EV is greater than that. (This assumes that you're only usign the ATM for that one hand)
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    Sycuan in SD County now offers LS on DD

    Late surrender should be on their 6 deckers as well. Mins are $5/$15. They also switched their promo chips from "surrender on decision" to "surrender on loss" which increases their value. Penetration didn't improve, did it? It's usually quite poor.
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    Legality & Penalties for US Online Gambling

    The smartest thing to do with tournament winnings would be to just withdraw it. Unless you're truly good at tournaments, in which case you might want to use it for stakes in more tourneys. Using any sort of "system" against online blackjack is a waste of time and money.
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    Great Ways To Open Up the Table a Bit

    Wow I do most of those things already. I totally wish it was possible to hug someone with the Internet, because that is brilliant.
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    the stratospheres BJ machine that dont shuffle til after 2/3 of the decks dealt

    Shad, do you remember the manufacturer and exact brand of that specific machine you've seen in operation? And is it the same as the one at the Strat?
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    Help me decide (a little personal)

    You pretty much nailed the things you did wrong. - Flat-betting will not get you an advantage - You didn't have a betting plan matched against your bankroll - You got emotional Any one of these can sink your game entirely. Don't think about trying again until you have them all nailed...
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    the stratospheres BJ machine that dont shuffle til after 2/3 of the decks dealt

    Has anyone seen one of these machines when no one's playing, i.e. in "attract mode"? Do dealers still rotate? That would be my worry.