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    Is this gaming violation???

    Mississippi I read about it in Mississippi, I believe it is the case there.
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    Likely New Method for Catching Counters...

    Blackjack Zone But if players are able to enter the Zen like state the Mayor talks about in Chapter 6 there probably wouldn't be enough of a pattern to pick up.
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    Circus Circus closing?

    I heard a rumor that Westward Ho and Circus Circus were closing, but I can't find anything on the web about it... anyone know anything?
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    Griffin Investigations, Inc. bankruptcy meeting

    What does this mean for us Does this mean we are off the hook (assuming my play warrants the attention of Griffin)? Is there someone else to step in and take there place? And if someone does step in will they have to start a whole new book, giving Griffinites a fresh start?
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    Close call...

    [email protected] As I understand it when a bank of slots advertises "99% payout" all that means is ONE MACHINE in that bank pays out that much, the others could payout anything. This is something that should be illegal for being deceptive.
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    To those in and around Santa Barbara

    I had a friend who worked in the tribal admin offices She said they each get a much more modest $30,000 a year.
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    Blackjack Machine

    CNBC did a report the other night on Vegas. What was not significant was that they refered to card counting as cheating, that's nothing new, we're used to it. What was significant was the room they demonstrated RFID in. In the background was a three card poker machine. It was about the size of a...
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    Chumash New Single Deck

    Mayor is right The only thing worth going to Chumash for are there tournaments. You aren't going to make a lot of money, but if you have a clue what you are doing you can have some fun winning a little. Also don't bother eating there, go to the Big Bopper in Solvang, excellent burgers!
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    Tommy Hyland chooses "The Blackjack Zone" for new players

    BJZ a good second book As an inexpirenced occasional player I think the first book needs to put you in the right mindset for the game. Card counting is ALL about the numbers and Wong's book is ALL about the numbers. His book should be the first one read, even if a beginner doesn't get...
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    as much as possible If you are allowed to spread as much as you want why stop at 1:12? Why not 1:40? Or even 1:60? The more you spread the more money you can make.
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    roulette advantage play

    Gentlemen- I saw the History Channel special on a family of roulette players who made millions of dollars. The amazing thing is it didn't take much thought or effort to beat, just time and thousands of observations. Is this possible today? My thinking is that with computing power so cheap that...
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    beating RFID legal?

    I agree with low freq Low freq would make more sense, they aren't trying to send a signal more than a hundred yards, and they aren't sending much data so low freq would be the most efficient idea, but without knowing the specific frequencies that doesn't help us much. If they use a passive scan...
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    beating RFID legal?

    If someone were to come up with a device to transmit a signal in RFID chips that corresponds to a higher bet level would that be legal? They are not using the device to affect the outcome of the game, they are just using a device to affect RFB... what do you think?
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    Excellent Card Counting Article by Scoblete, Really.

    what's the advantage? Grif- I plan on buying the book and learning the system, but I am curious what the advantage is? More than 1%?