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    Card Counting Distractions at HOOTERS Casino!!!

    The blackjack is terrible... The Hooters girls deal 6:5 BJ out of a continuous shuffle machine. The SD game not only pays 6:5 but you can only double on 10 and 11. They deal DD SF 21. It is extremely laid back and the floor and dealers are clueless however. If you find a dealer who will give...
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    Suggested books?

    Snyder's book is great but I wish he spent more time discussing his Zen count. He devotes a scant 5 pages to it. I know that the material in Red 7 and Hi-Lo lite are the building blocks for the Zen and he didn't want to rehash the information but still, I would have preferred the book to have...
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    Unbalanced counts and shoes...

    Take someone... using hi-lo and someone using KO. Since the balanced-count user is not starting off say a 6-deck shoe at -20 he might be finding opportunities to raise his bet earlier. That's what I meant by missed opportunities.
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    Unbalanced counts and shoes...

    Are users of unbalanced systems missing out on some opportunities regarding shoe games? It's frustrating to finally hit a positive count only to find the cut card come out several hands later. When playing the shoe from the beginning, is their any rule of thumb on how thick the discard pack...
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    What is Revere's legacy?

    Humble's account of Revere in _TWGBB_ was interesting. Seems strange that he would invite these people he would swindle to his house. He must have has supreme confidence in his powers of deception.
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    What is Revere's legacy?

    From the little I've read on this man, he seems to be a controversial figure in the world of blackjack, an innovator and a con-man all wrapped up in one. But as far as paving the way for the present-day AP player, where exactly does he rank? Is he one of if not the most important thinker in the...
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    Learning to count,first.

    Making $10 bets look like $100 bets... is quite a spread. Any chance you could get barred for card counting while comp counting? You would probably get the most mileage out of demanding to see a host and then placing your largest best while chatting him/her up.
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    Vegas rules and conditions at casinos?

    Anybody play... that low-roller single-decker at the 4 Queens recently? My last several forays downtown have been stricty to the GS and Cortez.
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    Betting for the dealer

    Really... the attacks on ZG are not warranted. His advice, from a self-interested standpoint, is the most sage given on this thread. I'm a new poster here and what I see is an advantage player giving advice on a general-interest board. This is the way the overwhelming majority APs think...
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    Betting for the dealer

    I've worked as a dealer... and my advice would be to just do whatever comes natural to you. Some folks are tippers, some people are not. I tip because I get satisfaction out of it, plus the fact that I usually play in break-in, dive joints (since I am still perfecting my game and don't want...
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    To Zen or not to Zen...

    Well, actually, I made my mind up, I'm going to Zen, so the question is: to balance or not to balance? The systems I've used in the past (recent past, I'm still relatively new) are hi-lo, red 7 and KO. I've just been using the unbalanced counts lately; I use KO for single and DD and Red 7 on...
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    Mgmt Shake-up @ Plaza & Vegas Club

    You would think... They would want to keep their games decent to keep some traffic headed downtown's way.
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    Is this gaming violation???

    I read that casinos have the words single-deck 21 over their 6:5 games because the gaming commission will not allow them to call the game blackjack. If this is true, how come some casinos advertise the words "single-deck blackjack" on marquees and signs outside on the stip, but when you walk...
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    Mgmt Shake-up @ Plaza & Vegas Club

    You beat me to it, Zen... I was just about to write a post about this when I saw your thread. When Barrick took over, the Plaza DD game actually got better: he introduced S17, RSA, and I'm not sure if you still can, but I saw a fellow there split 10's 8 times once. Now I don't know jack about...
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    Where are...

    Checked out the SD games tonight... Vegas Club had one SD game open with a $25 minimum. I would imagine that game would be heat city. Binion's had 2, one at a $25 min the other at $15. 4 Queens had 1 game at $5. And then of course you had El Cortez and Western (where I played) with several...