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    Boards closing, discussion

    Ken, Great site, but I understand. Thank you. mark
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    casino doesn't honor promotion?

    We were driving through Pennsylvania last summer using the iphone to look at the casinos there. Their websites were so dated they were advertising electronic blackjack when they now had live dealers. If a local had not mentioned the change to my wife, we'd have not stopped. You'd think...
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    BlackJack Newbie 4 Advice

    If you have not sat at a table as of yet, it can be intimidating for the first time. Everyone looks like an expert when you are getting up your courage to sit down. Once you do start to play some, you will notice very few players really know basic strategy 100 %. I would recommend for your first...
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    Continuous Shuffler

    Yes, I am very aware that playing basic strategy is only a way to minimize losses. I never expect to win, but consider breaking even a good session. This was my first time against a continuous shuffling machine. My understanding before playing against one, was that a BS player should not be at...
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    Continuous Shuffler

    My basic strategy admittedly is not 100 % correct all the time. Most of the thoughts I had about the CSM game were after we were done playing and discussing our play at dinner. Thank you
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    Continuous Shuffler

    I was playing at the Lady Luck casino with a couple friends a few weekends ago. The pitt boss was nice enough to open a $5 dollar table. I noticed the continuous shuffler after we sat down. I explained to my friends since we are playing basic strategy, it should not affect the outcome of play...
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    I do NOT know where to post this ...

    This came today. This is the second odd thing I have gotten recently. The other was a PM. I have forwarded both on to Ken. Subject: New Private Message at Blackjack and Card Counting Forums - Dear mdw, You have received a new private message at Blackjack and Card...
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    New to Blackjack

    If you are using Basic Strategy and playing 100% correctly you will still loose in the long run. Basic Strategy minimizes the loss, so you can get some comps, free drinks and have a good time. Playing heads up, you will play more hands per hour over a full table. More hands, more of a chance to...
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    Blackjack in Florida... Will it stay or go?

    I live near WPB Fl. Have not been to the hard rock since they added the table games. The casino must have some empty black jack seats. They are advertising on local radio $10 dollar black jack tables all day long every day. Since we don't count, but play b.s. it seems not worth the drive even...
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    H.E.T. "The Evil Empire"

    Station Casinos Las Vegas We received the following in an email today. Dear Valued Guests, For 33 years we have taken great pride in being a part of the Southern Nevada community. As a result of following our original business plan of providing our guests with a high-value gaming and...
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    Hard Rock @ Hollywood, FL

    My wife and I are about an hour north of the Hollywood Hardrock. Both of us have day jobs for income. We like to play blackjack at $5 and $10 dollar tables. We have not been to the Hard Rock since they added Black Jack We did go once to play their "bingo" style slot machines. Hated those. I...
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    Noobs like me have to be careful with GREED

    Don't try and chase your losses. It can cause you to loose even more. I understand card counting, but prefer to flat bet using basic strategy. We only play a few times a year. My wife and I play together. Over all we are about even. We depend on our regular jobs for income. And avoid the...
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    I liked the movie

    We liked it, a few comments, The hand signals were too obvious. The lead girl was comped a room at the Hard Rock, but the view out the room's window was not from the Hard Rock. The movie made it appear, you could not loose in a good count. We rate this two snaps and a twist.
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    Being a fake local

    With that attitude you'll never fit in as a local. It's obvious you know nothing about what makes a car go. If you did, you'd realize that modern day cars have highly sophisticated ECU's and Sensors that work in harmony, hopefully. The myth that modern day automotive technicians are dumb is...
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    Betting strategy for $1,000

    $25 dollar minimum bet, you can play 40 hands on a $1000. Loosing streaks of 20 hands in a row can happen. As stated, basic strategy is to minimize loss. There is no way around that. Advanced play techniques will help to give you a slight advantage. Knowing when you have this advantage would be...