1. bynight

    New to counting community!

    Heyy Everyone in the BJ community! My name is ByNight, I have been training for about 5 months now on the hi-lo system and have completed my first hour of play time. I am insanely focused and will be communicating regularly on this forum for help and to hopefully lend some insight. Looking to...
  2. R

    I want your help. I'm down thousands and I've been playing for over hundreds of hours.

    **Long post so get ready boys n girls.** Hello everyone. My name is Robin, but you can call me Robinhood, it doesn't really matter to me. I'm relatively new to the forum, having only created an account a few months ago. I come seeking the guidance of the made men (and ladies!) of the card...
  3. D

    No One Should Have To Pay To Get Full Indices

    Why should you pay to get CVData or CVCX when someone who already has it can just post full indices onto this forum? I was only able to find about 90 of the full Hi-Lo indices online. It should not be so difficult to find them. It would be way more efficient if indices for the most common card...
  4. A

    [Zen count practice] trouble when alternating odd and even number count

    Fellow zen counters, How to practice zen count? Hi-lo in 20s a deck is not a problem for me. But once I get to zen count, the jump from odd number to even number got me stuck for so long. I can bearly do it for 40s a deck. Please enlighten me on how to get good at odd-even number counting. Thanks,
  5. A

    time investment and risk in counting vs stock market

    I just recently came up with this thought that the time investment and risk in blackjack counting is similar to stock market. How do they compare in general and the outcome? Thanks.
  6. A

    Does Zen count have best efficiency in six-deck?

    Hi everyone, I am new to this forum and have been practicing hi-lo in six-deck games. I would like to push it to a second tier technique. Does Zen Count have the best efficiency in terms of outcome and ease of use in six-deck? Thank you very much for your opinion!
  7. F

    This is correct right?

    Please tell me if this is the correct list for the illustrious 18 for the hi-lo count. I can't seem to find another copy of it which makes me suspect. I got it out of my book "blackjack: Play Like The Pros" by John Bukofsky and just want to double check. It also said for the betting ramp to...
  8. F

    What Counting Strategy do you use for 6D+?

    When you play at a 6-8 deck shoe, which counting system do you regularly use? You can just vote or vote and explain why. If you pick "6. other" please state which one you use. 1. Hi-Lo 2. K-O (only use running count) 3. K-O (with true count) 4. Zen Count 5. Red Seven 6. Other
  9. L

    newb help

    Hi All, Very first post so dont be to hard on me (",).. Ok so I understand the basics of HI-LO counting and read the "21" book way before it was a film, in fact it wasn't even called 21 as far as i remember.... ( ah just remembered "Bringing down the house" ). Anyway I remember teaching...
  10. F

    Does Hi Lo system stink?

    I just got done watching some video on you tube (which I found confusing). It claimed that the Hi-Lo system is awful and it was designed in a way that had mistakes. I find it difficult to count 6 deck shoes using the high lo count but I can do it. I am not sure if I could handle learning a more...
  11. M

    What Could I Be Doing Wrong?

    Hi Everybody, I started counting cards back in August. I practice rigourously and regularly by using Casino Verite and frequenting casinos every weekend. I am able to count a deck down in less than 20 seconds and very rarely make any mistakes in my count. I am using the Hi-Lo system with...